A tourist delicacy enjoyed by the locals as well

Author: Matina Tenžera

It's about a museum you've probably heard of – and which has moved to a new location and a much larger space since 2023.

It all started as a student experiment in one of the many night parties. After its opening at the end of 2019, the Hangover Museum quickly became a topic of discussion among all those looking for interactive cultural content in Zagreb. Located in Preradovićeva Street, it attracted tourists and locals alike. The story was based on good foundations, the only downside was that the space was very limited. Despite this, this museum easily made it to our list of the most entertaining museums in Zagreb .

And then at the beginning of 2023, he moved to a new location in a significantly larger space. With immeasurably more exhibits.

It only took us a year and a half to visit him at Vlaška 55 and ask ourselves – what were we waiting for until now?

hangover museum 3

This is a museum jackpot for tourists

The museum is designed to follow the usual chronology of an outing. With that, of course, you start warming up. In the case of the Hangover Museum, in a bar. And then how who. There is also clubbing and strange detours and extremely drunken episodes. All the way to sobering up, which can be fulfilling, but also terrifying. Namely, the Museum has an educational note as well as an entertaining one . Therefore, at the end of this adventure, you will have the opportunity to sit in the driving simulator and with "drunken glasses" try why it is still smarter to leave the car where you parked it if you decide to take a deeper look into the glass.

hangover museum driving simulator

In any case, plenty of drunken experiences, some exhibits that the party-goers took home with them, and some evenings and themed rooms that serve as excellent selfie corners are something that will satisfy any seeker of interactive cultural content. We believe that this museum will first of all be enjoyed by tourists, since it is the first museum of its kind in the world , and then by locals. At least when we take into account how special an experience enjoying a good drop in the Balkans is.

hangover museum

Fun for the whole family

We would primarily recommend the Hangover Museum to adults, but you won't go wrong even if you go there as a family with children, since the smallest ones will have a lot of material for good fun without "knowing the subject". In every room there are interactive screens with which you can have a good laugh about the experiences and situations from the night out, and take a photo of it all and send it to your e-mail address. Children up to the age of seven have free entry. The ticket price for adults is 8.50 euros.