The hangover museum moved to a new address



Author: Matina Tenžera

It will be even bigger and will contain many more exhibits than before

The Hangover Museum recently celebrated its third birthday, and in the New Year 2023 it is moving to a new location in Zagreb with a lot more square footage.

New Year's is known as the "most hangover" day of the year when we treat headaches with sarma and French salad, and this New Year you can cure your hangover at the opening of the new, expanded Hangover Museum.

In January 2023, the museum opens its doors at the intersection of Vlaška and Draška (Vlaška 55) , and during the first days of the new year, drinks will be distributed to cure hangovers from last year's drunken evening.

The contents of the museum are spread over a 4 times larger area with a new concept, new unprecedented interactive content, new stories and objects and content from the old museum.

The concept of the museum is designed as a way of returning home drunk from the club to the room where you wake up in the morning, so that visitors will be able to experience a night out without tasting a drop of alcohol, and at the end, an educational room is waiting for them, which is intended to raise awareness about responsible in alcohol consumption. You can visit the Museum of the Hangover every day from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. , and all visitors to the old museum who kept their tickets will receive a 30% discount on their tickets in the new museum.