Swamp won the award for best online program!



Author: Matina Tenžera

MSU recognized their efforts in the Best Online Programs Competition.

Due to the coronavirus epidemic, your favorite Swamp Club closed its doors on March 12, 2020. when Marinada, Šeće and Ivan Judas were to perform as part of the Enchanted Swamp program. That concert was postponed, but the same day was still held online via their Facebook page. Since there is no independent culture and art without an audience, they decided to launch a regular online program that was a challenge for them at the time, but was also the only way to maintain the program.

Mochvara has held 67 online events since 12.3.

From 12.3. to 6.7. held a total of 67 online events that included music and stage performances, film screenings, workshops, panel discussions and a children’s program. In this way, in extreme circumstances, they still managed to ensure the continuity of the club, to continue cooperation with numerous artists and to provide the audience with the opportunity to follow quality cultural programs.

Swamp FB live sessions poster

Competition for the best online projects organized by MSU

The Museum of Contemporary Art (MSU) recognized their efforts at the Competition for the best Zagreb online projects realized in the period from 19.3. to 31.5.2020. awarded them the first prize.

We would like to take this opportunity to once again thank our host of the Enchanted Swamp Nina Romić and her associate Laura Tandarić who were most responsible for booking online programs. Of course, thank you to all the performers who performed and to all of you who followed them!

The swamp terrace holds "real" concerts

In the meantime, they started with "real" concerts and other programs, as well as offering coffee and other drinks on the Swamp Terrace every day from 4 p.m. Find out all about the upcoming summer program on mochvara.hr .

Swamp terrace

All online events that have taken place and announcements of new online events can be viewed at this link .

The poster was made by their Močvarka Vanesa Matošević.