A place where clowning is allowed



Author: Matina Tenžera

Performers from Belgium, Germany, Brazil, Canada and Croatia take the stage

For the third year in a row, the International Clown Theater Festival, organized by the Triko Circus Theater, has been putting Zagreb on the map of the world clown scene. With numerous international guests and performers from Belgium, Germany, Brazil, Canada and Croatia, clown theater is here to cure you of pessimism.

Actors, directors and artists from all over the world are coming to the Travno Cultural Center from 12 to 15 May to provide the audience with a dose of laughter, knowledge, but also reflections on their own ego and identity.

The Zagreb Clown Festival is the only festival in the region that focuses on the acting technique of the theater clown, and every year it gathers an increasing number of lovers of this type of art. The organizers point out that in this storm of pandemics, natural disasters, war and other stresses, it is especially important not to forget to laugh. It is the Zagreb Clown Festival that brings a healing recipe, popularly known as laughter, and teaches us how to shake off failures and how to rise flexibly after life's downfalls.

Performances, workshops, film and panel discussions

The main program of the Zagreb Clown Festival includes theatrical performances that will primarily relieve you of worries and relax your muscles. In four days there will be five performances by local and foreign artists: "Forget about Dulcinel" (HR), "The Heist" (BE), "She was a boy" (DE), "Bee my baby" (BR and FR) and Mullet's Masterclass (CA).

Along with the performances, the festival will be accompanied by an accompanying program that includes an acting workshop from the clownery of the famous British comedian Nola Rae, a panel discussion "On air quality between clowns and audiences" and a screening of "Emmett" produced by Circus Pozor.

The main program is held at the Travno Cultural Center, and the accompanying one at the Triko Cirkus Studio, at Vlaška 92 , where, in addition to the above, there is also a legendary place to hang out with actors, sympathizers and theater lovers – Clown caffe!