MamaVeek's Kitchen moved to the center of Zagreb!



Author: Matina Tenžera

An oasis of indigenous African food started with the noble goal of sharing meals for free to those who can't afford them has finally got the space it deserves

MamaVeek's is based on preparing delicious meals that will create unforgettable memories! We prepare a large selection of African dishes that can be ordered for any special event – they are advertised from the most authentic bistro in Zagreb.

MamaVeek's – who hasn't heard of her yet?

There is a name around Kikelomo that you don't necessarily have to remember, it's enough to know about "Mama Week". When she opened a place in Ilica two years ago where she offered authentic African food, it became an instant hit. Not only because of the exotic dishes, but also because you set aside a donation for them at will – while those without money ate for free. This Nigerian has moved to a new location and the opening is on April 15th !

Thus, she moved from the hidden yard in Ilica to the very center of the city, in Bakačevo 9 . We are looking forward to the opening of her new space and we hope that our fellow citizens will recognize her efforts and immerse themselves in the richness of African flavors.