Summer cinema on the roof of Scene Ribnjak



Author: Matina Tenžera

It is a collaboration between Tuškanac cinema and Restart production

Hear and hear! Summer cinema Ribnjak opens this July with #dangerous cult feature films and new documentaries. In cooperation with Kina Tuškanac and Restart production, a cycle of 8 films is presented to you on the roof of Scene Ribnjak, which you will be able to watch from July 1 to 30 . All screenings start at 21:30, and you can find more about films and tickets at .

The cycle opens on July 1 with the iconic Disney cartoon Fantasia from 1940, which visually illustrates classical music pieces performed by the Philadelphia Orchestra. Other movies you love are Before Dawn (dir. Richard Linklater), Rashomon (dir. Akira Kurosawa), Annie Hall (dir. Woody Allen), and Ivan's Childhood (dir. Andrei Tarkowsky). At the beginning of the series, for the first time in Zagreb, you will be able to watch the documentary film Hamlet's syndrome, an actualization of the Shakespearean dilemma in the experiences of young Ukrainian actors just before the Russian invasion. Dramatic documentary What to do? is the story of the ten-year struggle of the Tvornica Wagona Gredelj union by Croatian director Goran Dević, and the documentary film Narrow Path to Happiness follows a young gay Roma couple who are trying to make a musical inspired by their lives.

Program Monday / 1.7. / 21:30 Cult Disney: FANTASIA Tuesday/ 2.7. / 21:30 Documentary film: HAMLET'S SYNDROME Saturday / 6.7. / 21:30 Documentary film: WHAT TO DO? Monday / 8.7. / 21:30 Movies you love: BEFORE THE DAWN Monday / 15.7. / 21:30 Movies you like: RASHOMON Monday / 22.7. / 21:30 Movies you like: ANNIE HALL Sunday / 28.7. / 21:30 Documentary film: THE NARROW ROAD TO HAPPINESS Monday / 29.7. / 21:30 Movies you like: IVAN'S CHILDHOOD