Summer edition of the Rijeka Carnival!



Author: Matina Tenžera

Write in calendars – the weekend from June 17 to 19 under masks

How do you imagine the craziest weekend after the fall of the mask? What are your plans for the extended weekend of June 17-19, 2022? Do you miss masks?

Let go of your alter ego, put on your carnival mask and spend the craziest weekend of this year in Rijeka at the Rijeka Carnival.

The village may die, but the customs never

Carnival tradition has been a unique custom of Kvarner for more than five centuries and Rijeka Carnival is based on this tradition, the largest event and TOP event of Croatian tourism, which presents our centuries-old uniqueness for which we are known around the world.

Unfortunately, due to the precarious situation during January and February caused by the pandemic, the Rijeka Carnival was forced to adapt to the situation this year as well, so after last year's virtual edition, this year it will be held in a summer special edition. The Rijeka Carnival returns next year to its traditional date, which concludes our world-famous "Rijeka's fifth season", but this year we will enjoy the extraordinary summer and an adapted form of the procession.

Not only will many masks be traditionally presented on the Promenade to many guests of the Rijeka Carnival, but this year's introduction will be traditionally on our youngest who precede us and the Children's Carnival Parade will be held on June 4, 2022.

Numerous groups have announced their arrival and are already diligently designing and preparing masks with summer elements and rehearsing a rich choreography that will present itself and its tradition to many visitors or in our coastal unique satirical way to show current events from many daily events. occupied in our daily lives.

The craziest extended weekend of the year

If you imagine your extended weekend as the craziest weekend you can spend this year, come to Rijeka and be a part of the craziest weekend that will mark this year. Numerous programs with many surprises are being prepared in several locations. Not only will your alter ego surprise you, but it will also take you to numerous concerts and programs that will take place on the craziest Rijeka weekend this year in the entire city center, on Rijeka's squares and famous gathering places.

But this year's term is also extraordinary because of the opportunity that will be offered to tens of thousands of tourists who will spend those days in Rijeka and Kvarner and enjoy the designed creations and traditional masks. This year's extraordinary carnival procession of the Rijeka Carnival thus has a unique opportunity to present its traditions and customs to an even larger number of visitors and tourists and thus invite them to the next edition in its centuries-long term. This is another topic for later, and now we are preparing for the summer edition of the Extraordinary Carnival Parade of the Rijeka Carnival.

We took off our masks, let your alter ego take over and put on your real mask.