The dates of the first summer events have been announced



Author: Matina Tenžera

They start at the end of May

Although we will have to wait for the announcement of the music programs, the dates of some of the attended pre-summer and summer city events are already known.

The Zagreb Beer Fest was announced as one of the first, and this year it will also be held on Trg doktor Franje Tuđman. It is about the period from May 18 to 21 . One of the largest open air festivals held in the heart of Zagreb will attract thousands of visitors this year, and we believe it will also offer an equally high-quality music program. Like every year until now.

When we're satisfied with drinking beer and partying at concerts, we'll move on to wine. Wine City opens at the same location on June 9 and lasts until June 26 . Numerous winemakers will offer the best from their cellars, and all you have to do is taste as much as possible. And so from day to day – from week to week.

And what are summer events without a festival? In June, we are usually used to attending the IN music festival. After the organizers of the festival officially announced that they are skipping IN music this year, you are left with Let the Music be Free from the Jarun festivals. Or the LMF festival of electronic music in Jarun for short. From 15.-18. The first performers announced so far are waiting for you in June :

ADAM BEYER ARGY ARTBAT FRED LENIX PHIL & DEREK (cercle) TECHNASIA Antonio Zuza Bozo Dancelectric E-Base Fabian Jakopetz Joe 2 Shine Kosty Lawrence Klein Mladen Tomic Pablo Panda Sicko Disko Teo Harouda Vesna G Yakka Concerts are the most special summer events

At the beginning of the year, we listed the biggest concerts that await us in the current year. Not only in Zagreb, but throughout Croatia. We update the list regularly, so check what we have selected and – if there are still tickets.