A flying spectacle to remember



Author: Matina Tenžera

In addition to a rich flight program in which numerous aircraft of the general aviation, the Croatian Air Force and special units of the Ministry of Interior, and the Air Force of the Republic of Slovenia participate, the appearance of the aircraft of the Air Force of the Republic of Austria and the aircraft of the United States of America has been announced

The most attractive flying event in Croatia will hold its 26th edition this year with a special program. The popular "Meetings for Rudija" long ago outgrew its local character and became a significant social and cultural event for the whole of northwestern Croatia, which justifies the status of a program of special interest for the City of Zagreb and of importance for the Krapina-Zagorje County.

This year's "Meetings for Rudi" will take place from September 9. until 10.9.2023. (Saturday-Sunday) in Gornja Stubica in memory of pilot Rudolf Perešin , hero of the Homeland War.

At the beginning of May, 28 years ago, Rudolf Perešin, a legendary pilot of the Croatian Air Force, a hero of the Homeland War and an honorary citizen of the City of Zagreb and the Municipality of Gornja Stubica, was killed in action Bljesak. He defected to Austria with MIG 21 JNA on 25 October 1991 because he did not want to fight against his own, Croatian army. On that occasion, he said the famous sentence: 'I am a Croat, I cannot and will not shoot at my people' – thus arousing the interest of the world public in the suffering of the Croatian people.

Every year in Gornja Stubica, in honor of Rudolf Perešin – Rudi, meetings rich in sports and entertainment are held. In recent years, tens of thousands of visitors from all over Croatia have seen helicopter landings, parachute jumps, and the biggest attraction is definitely the MIG flyovers.

In addition to a real spectacle in the sky above Zagorje, visitors can expect a cultural and entertainment program with a gastronomic offer.


9/9/2023 SATURDAY

At the Matija Gupca Sports Center, Gornja Stubica

from 9:00 a.m. – 9. SPORTS MEETINGS OF CROATIAN VETERANS organized by the Association of Homeland War Veterans "St. George" from 9:30 a.m. – FIVE FOR RUDI and CHILDREN'S TRIBAL race organized by the Athletics Club "Rudolf Perešin"

Rudolf Perešin Memorial Park, Gornja Stubica

19:00 – CONCERT of the Jazz Orchestra of the Croatian Army and the Brass Band of the VZO Gornja Stubica

10.9.2023. SUNDAY

11:00 – HOLY MASS in the Parish Church of St. Jurje Mučenika in Gornja Stubica with participation

Claps of the Croatian Navy "St. George"

12:30 – CEREMONY OPENING XXVI. MEETING FOR RUDI near the Memorial Park of Rudolf Perešin (Trg St. Jurja, Gornja Stubica) with the participation of the Klapa of the Croatian Navy "Sveti Juraj", the Historical Unit of the Krapina – Zagorje County "Kegleviče straže Kostel" with the announcement of the Marija Bistrica Kuburash Association

At the Monument to Seljačka Buna and Matija Gupac (Samci 64, Gornja Stubica)

from 13:00 to 21:00 – CATERING OFFER AND FAIR OF DOMESTIC OPGs from 13:00 to 15:00 – DJ BAŠO from 15:00 to 17:00 – FLIGHT PROGRAM: numerous aircraft of the general aviation, Croatian Air Force (MIG) -21, Storm Wings, paratroopers and BLACKHAWK helicopters and special units of the MUP (Augustawestland 139, Eurocopter 135 or Bell 212 – depending on availability), and the Air Force of the Republic of Slovenia (PC-9, PC-6 PORTER and Eurocopter Cougar), two EUROFIGHTER TYPHOON aircraft of the Air Force of the Republic of Austria and two F-16 aircraft (UNITED STATES) from 17:00 – SANJA, MARINKO AND ZEC – GREATEST HITS OF THE NOVI FOSILI GROUP from 19:00 to 21:00 – DJ BAŠO

NOTE: The flight program is subject to change due to weather conditions, availability and emergency situations.