Double Flight 3 in Sax at the end of June!



Author: Matina Tenžera

Two days of Flight 3 concerts in Sax!

24.06. EDIT

"Unfortunately, due to the worsening situation with the coronavirus and new recommendations from the Civil Protection Headquarters, we were forced to cancel the Let 3 concert in Sax. Although we tried hard and were persistent in our desire to hold the concert in an intimate club space as planned from the beginning, the worsening of the situation forced us to be responsible and think about the health of all of you. Anyone who has purchased concert tickets can return them to Sax and get a refund as early as 6:30 p.m. today. We hereby note that other programs of exclusively sitting type and with a capacity of up to 100 people will continue to be held in the club. Thank you very much for your understanding and we hope to see you as soon as possible on another occasion! ”- reported from Hangtime Agency

Flight 3 delivered as many as six hours of top-notch rock and roll in two concerts in Sax last year, and are now returning to the same venue, also with two dates: June 26th and 27th.

The ticket price is 95 kuna, it will cost 120 kuna a day. They can be purchased exclusively at Sax during business hours. The number of tickets is limited to 200 per concert, the atmosphere is intimate, and the gig is thoroughly thorough for three hours – in short, a real treat for the biggest fans of the band!

IMPORTANT: Tickets already purchased are valid for Friday, June 26, and at the club they can be exchanged for Saturday if you wish.

Flight 3 has fascinated and shocked since 1987.

Flight 3, Rijeka's pussies that in one way or another fascinate and shock since 1987: either with their at least unusual stage performances, or with their slight obsession with the phallus ("babin", "živi", "Marko" or simply "in the forehead") ) or some of his monuments such as the one dedicated to Angela Merkel in performing certain actions.

In 2019, he marked the single with Vuca "Golub Vaso", and Siniša described the collaboration as "Bass drum in the belly, drum in the forehead, vocals cut the eyes, that's: heavy rock!". With a pinch of bizarreness, this briefly sublimates the character and work of these people from Rijeka. This year was marked by the hit "Sam u vodi" with Tereza Kesovija.

In Sax, we will once again have three hours of hits such as "Child in Time", "Lost", "Continentio", "Mamne baneta", "Professor Jakov". It is a shame to miss this "more extensive presentation" as announced by the band, which otherwise consists of bassist and vocalist Damir Martinović (Mrle), vocalist Zoran Prodanović (Prlja), guitarists Dražen Baljak (Baljak) and Matej Zec and Ivan Bojčić on drums.