Neighborhood events attended by a team from all over the city



Author: Matina Tenžera

RadioTeatar continues the cycle of Radio Voćarska, which in the second season brings a handful of programs for theater and radio fans

The team behind the successful neighborhood project Radio Voćarska, in the midst of the second season of equally valuable events, writes the following:

"Inspired by the legacy of the radio and theater oeuvre of Zvonimir Bajsić (who by the way lived most of his life in the immediate neighborhood of Voćarska), RadioTeatar has been going one step further all these years and developing a specific type of artistic intervention on air and on stage. Our goal, in the time of strong and fast visual attractions, is to encourage a return to concentrated listening.

At Šalat, we bring a radio "salad" of as many as 16 performances of plays for adults, children and even babies , including the premiere of the play MaLoLu, followed by 3 listening rooms and talks, 2 workshops, 1 pub quiz, 2 sound walks and 14 hours of live broadcasts of backyard radio. . Half an hour before the start of each performance and half an hour after the end of the performances, a link with sound walks (radiowalks) will be available to the public who have reserved tickets: Walk in Voćarsko (for adults, it is mandatory to bring headphones) and Chattering: a sound walk for babies and toddlers (listen through the speaker of the mobile phone in the stroller).

For 11 years now, the audience of RadioTeatro has been made up of all generations, and we are very proud of that. That's why this spring, we invite all babies and pensioners, children, adolescents, students, all mature and overripe middle-aged people – to take a walk to Voćarska 71, where they will surely find something for themselves, which they can hardly find anywhere else.

Most programs are free, with prior (responsible) reservation ! You can send reservations to the email: and via Google form !

soundtrack to a movie that wasn't made

And now take a look at the Sat 16.3 program. 11.00 The Tree That Singed (5-10 year old show and workshop) 12.00 Pancakes and courtyard concert by Nina Bajsić Reservations Fri 29.3. 18.00 Biographies of birds (performance) 19.00 Writing with a microphone: Prague Spring 1984 (listening room and conversation) Reservations Fri 12.4. 18.30 Writing for the radio: Look, how the day starts beautifully (listening room and conversation) 20.00 Bajs' tapes (performance) Reservations Sat, 13.4. 19.00 Writing with a microphone: Old-fashioned pathetic (listening room and conversation) 20.00 Bajs' tapes (performance) Reservations Fri 19.4. 18.00 MaLoLu (2 -5 years, premiere of the play) Reservations Sat, 20.4. 11.00 Wars of the Worlds (9+, performance) Reservations Sun, 21.4. 11.00 MaLoLu (2 -5 years, performance) Reservations Fri, 26.4. 11.00 The Tree That Singed (5 – 10 years, performance and workshop 18.00 Wars of the Worlds (9+, performance) Reservations Sat, 27.4. 20.00 Hoerspiel: a small game for listening (and watching), (performance) Tickets Sat, 4…