A cultural street festival delivers art under the windows!

Author: Matina Tenžera

Enjoy circus art and concerts from your window every weekend in September!

In this, not at all ordinary 2020, they say that September is coming to Zagreb, and in September it is time for the Cultural Street Festival in the neighborhoods of our city. This year, they are “delivering” art under the windows of the inhabitants of Sloboština, Sigečica, Španski and Kvatrić.

Every Saturday and Sunday in September, in one of the above-mentioned neighborhoods of Zagreb, KUF presents local and foreign artists who have “honed” their craft at various festivals, streets and in various situations (even in some circus schools!).

The cultural street festival is dedicated to street performance, local artists and the local population. Its goal is to present urban cultural street and circus art in the neighborhoods of the city of Zagreb, and at the same time give a performance space to the local art scene. The cultural street festival therefore, this year as well, travels around the city districts and provides its residents with the contents of street performances of circus expression, for children and adults. Its mission is to enrich the life of the city with culture and art at all its points.

Have fun culturally under your own window!

“Cultural Street Festival” is organized by Cirkorama with the help of the local art performance scene this year reinforced by foreign forces: Girl and Boy, Circulture, Tontorino, Tanja Puklek and Filip Borelli, Circus Attention, Loop Circus, Tricycle Trauma, Clown Ludek, Triko Circus Theater, Emilio Alcantara, Gungula, Cirstatik, Romano Dautanac and Matylda Gorska.

Note: Any donation to the performer’s hat is welcome!

The program was supported by the Culture Nova Foundation, and the visit of the French group Cirkazik was made possible by Ville Grasse and Teatroscope – a regional program of performing arts, initiated by the French Institute and the French Ministry of Culture.

Cultural street festival

Cultural street festival – KUF 2020 program:

September 5 and 6: SLOBOŠTINA, Vladimira Varićaka Street

September 5

18:00 Cirkorama: “The Magic of the Hat” 19:00 Cirkazik: “NOS”

September 6

18:00 Circus Attention: “Low Motives and high heels” 19:00 Tanja Puklek & Filip Boreli: “Chi” band GUNGULA

September 12 and 13 SIGEČICA, Rapska Street Park near the Health Center

September 12

18:00 Circorama: “Milica” 19:00 Emilio Alcantara: “The Dangerous show”

September 13th

18:00 Tontorino 19:00 Mr & Mrs Frantic

September 19 and 20 SPAIN, Ivan Kukuljević Square

September 19

18:00 Circorama: “The Muljatovići” 19:00 Loop circus: “EL CRIC”

September 20

18:00 Circorama: “Bicycle” 19:00 Circus: “John Chestnut”

September 26 and 27 KVATERNIK SQUARE

September 26

17:30 Triko Circus Theater: »VITA MIN show« 18:30 Loop Circus: »Monsieur K« band: Girl and Boy

September 27th

17:00 Tricycle Trauma walkers on stilts 17:30 Clown Ludek: “Crazy Shalabajzanje” 18:30 Circulation: “Chestnut and Papaya circus show” 19:30 Cinema Circus: “BINGO”

Photo: Cirkorama