Cult Disney cartoons on the big screen

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Author: Matina Tenžera

Favorite animated films are dubbed into Croatian, and will be shown on Saturdays

In addition to the history of animation and world pop culture, Disney's cartoons occupy a special place in the hearts of millions of adult viewers with the imaginative adventures of characters that entertained us, but also taught us courage, perseverance, honesty and love. In memory of childhood, Tuškanac u va, in partnership with the Ribnjak Youth Center and the Maksimir Culture and Information Center, will show the timeless Cult Disney cycle from April.

The series features a selection of seven globally recognizable masterpieces produced by Walt Disney Pictures, whose fantastic worlds, complete with messages about tolerance, equality and respect for diversity, are an inexhaustible source of education that parents gladly consult for generations.

Favorite animated films have been dubbed into Croatian, and will be shown on Saturdays at the Ribnjak Stage (Centar mladih Ribnjak, Park Ribnjak 1) and in the hall of the Maksimir Center for Culture and Information (Ul. Lavoslava Švarca 18) .

The schedule of films in April is as follows:

Snow White

April 6 at 11 a.m., Scene Ribnjak, Snow White (1937)

Screen adaptation of the fairy tale of the same name by the Brothers Grimm about a queen of enchanting beauty who escaped from a jealous stepmother and found refuge with the seven dwarfs. In addition to being the first feature-length cartoon in the history of cinema, Snow White is also the first animated film produced in the USA and the first to be shot entirely in color.

Little Mermaid

April 13 at 4 p.m. at CKI Maksimir, The Little Mermaid (1989)

Based on the fairy tale of the same name written by Hans Christian Andersen, the plot follows the mermaid Ariele who fell in love with the young man Eric and decided to transform into a human form. The film was awarded the Oscars for the best music and the cheerful song "At the bottom of the sea", and won two Golden Globes in the same categories.

Bambi (1)

April 27 at 11 a.m., Scene Ribnjak, Bambi (1942)

The film was based on the novel of the same name by the Austrian writer Felix Salten, and in addition to three Oscar nominations (best sound, song and original score), it was also on the American Film Institute's list of the 10 best animations and took third place, while on the list of 100 heroes and villains the hunter ranks 20th as a villain. In addition to stimulating imagination and helping to adopt good qualities and universal values in children, Disney cartoons, with their multidimensional quality and duration, have become part of the cultural heritage to which we gladly return, and are also a great and unavoidable form of entertainment suitable for weekends in the company of loved ones!

In addition to the aforementioned titles, in May and June you will have the opportunity to watch Tarzan, 101 Dalmatians, Sleeping Beauty and Beauty and the Beast!