The Caricature House dedicated to the legendary Croatian artist is opening in Zagreb



Author: Matina Tenžera

A project that will enrich Zagreb's cultural scene through the rich career of our famous cartoonist

Oto Reisinger, the doyen of Croatian and world cartoons, was remembered in the collective consciousness as a brilliant commentator on everyday life, as well as local and world political events. Even as an architecture student, his talent led him to caricature, and his works in Vjesnik, in which he humorously comments on social phenomena through the main characters Peru, Klara and Štefek, vividly show how no phenomenon, social group or human trait could escape his critical blade.

Therefore, many will be happy that, thanks to the great involvement of Ota Reisinger's family, the "Oto Reisinger Cartoon House" is opening in one of Zagreb's most beautiful streets, Radićeva, at number 44 A , which will present to the public a selection from the works of the famous cartoonist in all his thematic areas. The opening coincides with the anniversary of the Zagreb earthquake, March 22 , and since the city center is still feeling the consequences of the unfortunate event, it is nice that something positive connects us with that date.

House of Cartoons-07 (1)

Ota's grandson Marko Reisinger admits that behind the whole family is a very demanding project and that he is extremely happy that they successfully and independently brought it to an end.

"We believe that grandfather is proud of us. In addition to being a top artist and an internationally recognized artist, Oto was a simple and witty man, and we wish that the 'House of Caricature' absorbs his character – unpretentious and open to everyone. Our goal was for this space to bring added value to Zagreb itself, and we want our guests to leave satisfied and with a smile on their faces.

Considering that Ota's chronicles span over 6 decades and number over 50,000 drawings, we are grateful to Professor Dulibić, who, as a leading expert in this field, took the time to jointly select the first hundred or so for the opening. We would also like to thank Otta Kušec and Miran Bašić from the 2Dizajnera studio, who realized the visual identity, and the Sarić family and Zoom Productions, who, on their own initiative, made a documentary film about Ota in parallel with our project, part of which will be shown in the space, he said. is young Reisinger.

Kuca Karikature-22

Along with Oto Reisinger's family, the exhibition "Oto Reisinger's Cartoon House" was designed by prof. Frano Dulibić, who, among other things, believes that this project also represents an enrichment of the cultural offer of the City of Zagreb.

"Ota Reisinger's huge cartoon oeuvre is not only historically important, it is largely relevant today with its universal themes, not only for domestic audiences but also for tourists from all over the world. The first exhibition of the soon-to-be-opened gallery will present a selection of Ota Reisinger's works in all his thematic preoccupations: there is everyday life and his Pero, a smaller block of political themes, caricatures related to sports and health, ecology and erotica.

The exhibition will also include a small dedication to his comics about Štefek and a section dedicated to Ota Reisinger as a person, his way of working, as well as his numerous awards. The goal is for visitors to gain not only an insight into Reisinger's creativity, but also to have fun while doing so. Reisinger's inexhaustible wit is a guarantee that visitors will have a smile on their face the whole time. Oto Reisinger represents a part of the civic culture of the city of Zagreb, a part of its identity, a link between tradition and the modern way of life, a picture of the constant transformation of life in the city, said Dulibić.