World music names are coming to Zagreb



Author: Matina Tenžera

We have listed the biggest concerts that await us until the end of the current year

Numerous concerts make Zagreb a more pleasant place to live. Although the uncertainty surrounding the final holding of long-announced concerts is still following us, because the practice is still such that gigs are postponed or canceled, we have nevertheless listed the biggest musical names that will honor us by coming to Zagreb by the end of the current year. The list is not ranked by importance, and if we have missed something, please let us know at or in the inboxes of social networks so that we can update the list. Which, we believe, will serve us all as a quality šalabachter for a good time! 🙂


The guys who have traveled all over the world will perform in Zagreb for the last time as a duo . Realistically, remember the last time they held a concert nearby? We don't remember, and that's why it's recommended that you don't miss this one – maybe the last train for their last joint concert.


This will be the concert of the century. If not cancelled. Because Sting.


Okay, it's not the first time. But then again – why would you miss the return of the soul queen of all time?


The acclaimed South African gospel choir will surely make every person in the audience dance. Unfortunately, the performances of gospel ensembles in Zagreb are quite rare, and that's why we decided to include this cheerful group in our list.

André Rieu

For lovers of classics, good news that you've probably already heard along the way. The Dutch waltz king with his orchestra arrives in Zagreb. He popularized classical music in an effort to bring it closer to all tastes. Check whether he succeeded in this at the end of November in the Zagreb Arena.


Pink Floyd may not be coming, but a visit to the performance of their best Italian tribute band will leave few people indifferent. For the simple reason that a visual spectacle is also being prepared in which, along with faithful covers of their hits, a section of their almost 60-year-old creativity will be made.


The Dutch musical soul sensation returns to Zagreb. If you haven't met her yet, September is the right month to correct that.


The five-piece, which sounds exactly like the recordings live , will perform in the Zagreb Arena. We are looking forward to hearing the repertoire that they will prepare for us, and also to compare how they are at an independent concert compared to the festival tour after the last performance in Zagreb at the IN music festival.


He didn't really overwhelm us with the number of hits, but we can't deny that we got goosebumps at the announcement of Tom Odell's return to Zagreb. Do you remember his first big hit?


A gentle warm-up for the December vibe is opened by the indie-pop sensation Milky Chance. This is not his first performance in Zagreb, but we will pretend it is. All of us who missed the first concert, now have a chance to make up for it!


At the end of the year, don't miss Massimo's career concert . Regardless of whether you have already attended one of his smaller concerts, this will certainly be a special experience. Realistically – you only do the concert of your career once, right?


If anyone remembers, let them know. When was the last time Luka performed in Zagreb?


Maybe the choice on this list is a little strange, but it really isn't. Sometimes all you need in life is a JeboTon gig . The occasion is nothing special, just to have a good time when the guys are less and less seen faces on the streets of Zagreb where they started their musical journey.

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