A series of open air concerts in sight!



Author: Matina Tenžera

Concerts in Čakovec start on Friday, June 11th

Concerts in Čakovec. Yes, you read that right! The open space in front of the craft brewery Lepi Dečki in Čakovec will host a series of great open air concerts this summer.

Concerts in Čakovec: Pipsi, Bare and Nipplepeople

First in line, PipsChips & Videoclips arrive on Friday, June 11th. The legendary Zagreb band is one of the most active and sought-after concerts in these months. Their three concerts in Samobor and one in Šibenik spread with incredible speed. Already on Saturday, June 12, our most successful electro pop duo Nipplepeople will take the stage in Čakovec, while Saturday, July 3, is reserved for the great Goran Baret and his Mother.

The capacity of each concert is 250 visitors. If the measures are relaxed, there is a possibility of increasing the capacity

Ticket prices are 80 kn in advance and 100 kn per day for Pips and Nipplepeople and 100 kn in advance and 120 kn per day for Goran Baret and Majka. Sales outlets are Lepi dečki brewery in Čakovec, Dirty Old Shop and Rockmark in Zagreb and online at eventim.hr.

The program is co-financed through the competition "Because it must be played" conducted in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture, the media of the Republic of Croatia and the Croatian Music Union. The event will be organized in accordance with all current measures and recommendations of the Civil Protection Headquarters of the Republic of Croatia.