Concert in honor of Massimo sold out in record time



Author: Matina Tenžera

The fastest ones will enjoy the performance of numerous local musicians who will perform Massimo's songs

It only took a few days for all the tickets to simply sell out. The concert in honor of Massimo, which he calls the "Small circle of great people", is scheduled for November 14 in Lauba.

"They say that everything in life happens for a reason. There are many signals as we walk through life, but we don't see them in time, we only recognize them when everything happens and passes. November 5, 2022, a masterful, but unfortunately, Massimo's last concert in Arena Zagreb. November 14, 2023, Lauba, "Small circle of great people", concert "For Massimo". And the moon itself has a dawn name. November. It was precisely because of November, which imprisoned me, again symbolically, on Massimo's birthday, that the idea of making a concert of Massimo's songs was born. The reason to be there, through his music, through his friends and colleagues. Through his audience", said Massimo's wife Eni Kondić in the description of the announcement of the event, which for many brought sunshine to the first days of autumn.

The fastest ones will enjoy the performance of several local performers

Nina Badrić, Neno Belan, Matija Cvek, Sergej Ćetković, Ivan Dečak, Dino Jelusić, Meritas and Vanna will sing the hits that Massimo sang at his biggest, but unfortunately also his last concert in the Zagreb Arena last year. The entire concept, performers and the team behind the project were chosen by Massimo's wife Eni Kondić, who with this concert wants to pay tribute to Massimo, his work, art and above all to thank his audience who loved and adored him so much.

Massimo's band will perform at the concert, consisting of Ivan Pešut, Marko Matošević, Gojko Tomljanović, Boris Popov, Alen Svetopetrić, and Bruno Urlić. Along with them, Massimo's friends and dear colleagues Ivo Popeskić, Bruno Kovačić, Igor Geržina and Predrag Peggy Martinjak will also contribute.

Massimo's band is emotional about the upcoming concert

Bruno Urlić, the violinist of Massimo's band and his great friend, received the news about the reunion of the band and the concert very emotionally.

"I learned the idea of the Massimo project in Lauba directly 'to the face' from Eni and I have to admit that, as much as I knew it had to happen sooner or later, I was still in a bit of a shock. What I have come to understand is the fact that if someone leaves behind a commendable work that people have essentially remained 'thirsty' for, there must be a way for that voice to continue and be heard further, at least on some special days or anniversaries that bring back that sense of loss, of course, if his loved ones have nothing against it.

In the case of Massimo, it is the anniversary of his and our triumphant concert in the Arena on November 5, 2023, with which Maks forever nailed the foundations and raised the performance bar to the highest possible level. How he felt at that time was only known to a "small circle of people" and perhaps it is better that it was that way. What makes me happy in this case is the fact that our band will get a chance to go on stage again and try to find that part of the magic that we thought was lost forever with Maks' departure.

From the moment the information about the concert circulated among us, I am sure that not a single person in the entire chain had any doubts about joining this idea. The desire and the blessing of Massimo's family were enough to make this story happen, and we will have to grit our teeth, wipe a few tears, swallow a lot of dumplings and try to laugh again on stage, just as if he was there with us and as if we still he always gives those little refined tips on how to be as good as possible and as worthy as possible of his calling.

His audience will surely know how to appreciate that little touch of nostalgia and will surely rush to fill the hole created by his departure. "We, the band, will take our positions and try to continue where we left off on November 5 last year and even stop time for those two hours," said Urlić.

The producer of many of Massimo's songs is an indispensable part of the story

The well-known keyboardist Ivo Popeskić, who produced many of Massimo's songs, but was also part of Massimo's Vještina Boutique tour, is also struggling with emotions while preparing another musical story for his friend who is now, unfortunately, no more.

"A small circle is a musical story that interweaves my emotions. Playing all these songs without Maks makes me sad, and yet, he is so present in them that they somehow bring him back among us. And that is the beautiful and comforting thing. I perceive the small circle as a point from which a large circle of fans of Massimo's unforgettable vocals, charisma, and true dedication to music spreads," said Ivo Popeskić.

For each of the eight vocalists , Eni carefully selected the songs to perform and it was an honor for all of them to take on the responsibility of breathing new life into Massimo's songs. But they admit, no matter how emotionally they feel the burden of Massimo's legacy, they are so happy that Massimo's fans will once again revive the memory of that great artist…