The rain will not spoil these great events for you!

Van uz DiVan


Author: Matina Tenžera

At Divan, we are always guided by that – every day is a good day to go out, so we bring you suggestions for events that defy rainfall.

Do you have a plan for this fall? If we are served by favorable epidemiological conditions, and the weather is not, it will be more than a valid reason not to stop your activities in terms of touring the beautiful events along Zagreb. Just listen to what we recommend!


Vitrum In Fabula

Once a month, take a walk to one of the fairs that are organized at certain locations in Zagreb. All the fairs are covered, and even if you come with empty pockets, it will not diminish the charm of everything you will find there. After all, you can always follow the author you find at one of the fairs until you decide to support him by buying his products.

And we will only tell you that at fairs, people you least expect to meet often meet, which is why you will leave this event with smiling faces.

Our recommendations are Boogaloo and Swamp for first hand. These are flea markets that are traditionally held once a month – in Boogaloo it is a Ful cool flea market where you will find plenty of clothes, shoes, jewelry and other fashion accessories, art, books, comics, gramophone records, CDs, DVDs, cassettes, VHS, postage stamps, drawings, posters, badges, stitching, instruments, antiques, candlesticks, mirrors, lamps, bicycles while in Močvara it is the Record Fair because turntables have become more attractive than ever before.

And let’s leave the sugar for last – a unique creative fair will be held in the Journalists’ House on October 16, where you will be greeted by a sea of handicrafts. And it’s an opportunity you’ll experience once, and if you miss it you’ll wait until next year. Well you see 😉 Vrića laughs!

dragan marinkovic pussy

In order not to be sent only to theaters and museums on rainy days, you’d rather go to a stand-up dinner. They are held in club spaces, and include colorful stand-up comedians whose jokes everyone will find one for themselves.

To be more precise, we will recommend a stand up treat that travels throughout the region. It is about Dragan Marinković Maca, a Bosnian comedian, TV presenter and director who arrives at the Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall on October 17 to make people laugh and who should and who should not. Our everyday concerts

rock music

There are still concert organizers while they have space, and we swim with them. Take the opportunity while there are concerts indoors no matter how much less they are compared to the summer season.For example, the world rock spectacle Rock the Opera will take place on October 22 at the Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall. The guest will be the talented Dino Jelusić, and it will be a rock performance that you have probably never experienced before.

Plus, how often in one such traditional concert hall do you have the opportunity to listen to rock? Well, that’s right.

At Divan, we are always guided by that – every day is a good day to go out, so we regularly bring you suggestions of events that defy rainfall, and it’s up to you to experience them first hand!