Where to go with the kids when all the shows are sold out?

Author: Matina Tenžera

We bring proposals for children's events until the end of the year

Back in November, we published a comprehensive list of all Advent plays for children . At this moment, it is almost impossible to find a free seat at any of the children's shows, especially at those after which Santa Claus hands out presents. Therefore, inspired by the cries of one of our readers, we decided to put together a proposal of events where you can take your kids and toddlers to have the best winter time.


children skating

Okay, we believe you've already skated this winter. Or at least watched from the fence as your little ones skilfully wrestle with their skates. We have compiled a list of ice rinks with useful information a long time ago, but here we will highlight an interesting fact about two of them that is not ice skating.

The first location is Ice Park. There, we were cheered up by Led's truck, which opens its doors every day at certain times. There, namely, you have an exceptional opportunity to experience what it's like to be Led's ice cream. Inside the truck, the temperature is -22 degrees Celsius, but at least you can choose how long you stay there, unlike ice cream.

ice park ice truck

The truck is open at the following times:

Saturday 9.12. 16-23 h Saturday 16.12. 16-23 Saturday 23.12. 16-23 Saturday 30.12. 16-23 h

If this attraction is not enough for you, go to the Christmas Town behind the Family Mall because there you will find a sea of children's micro-locations in addition to the ice rink. Amusement park, Santa's house, stage and a few more.


backo mini express

This year too, don't forget that in addition to outdoor Advent locations, there are several city museums that have prepared special programs for children. The hit of hits is the Backo Mini Express, that is, the Train Museum . The setup is small, but impressive.

Furthermore, the Museum of the City of Zagreb organizes thematic tours and various workshops :

15. 12. – Christmas decoration workshop, for children aged 7 to 12 years (at 6 p.m.) 15. 12. – thematic tour Zbigecani horodi (at 6 p.m.) 16. 12. – Christmas bauble workshops (at 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. ) 16.12. – themed tour Zbigecani horodni (at 4 and 6 p.m.) 16.12. – Third Saturday – program of students for students 17.12. – Advent concert of Zagreb soloists (at 12 p.m.) 20.12. – workshop Drawing and sip! (from 6 to 8 p.m.) 21 December – Recite and sip workshop! (from 18:00 to 20:00) 21.12. – themed tour Crazy Holidays (at 18:00) 22.12. – Workshop of Christmas decorations, for children aged 7 to 12 (at 18:00) 22.12. – Quartet concert Project Lazarus (at 6 p.m.) 28.12. – thematic tour Zbigecani holidays (at 4 and 6 p.m.) 29.12. – thematic tour Zbigecani holidays (at 4 and 6 p.m.) 30.12. – thematic tour Zbigecani holidays (in 16 hours)