What do you mean Fuliranje is waiting for me at the new location?



Author: Matina Tenžera

Ladies and gentlemen – see you in front of the Esplanade Hotel

On the Oleander terrace of the Esplanade Hotel, many loves were blooming, legs were dancing, and the people of Zagreb were already fussing in the last century. Whatever it was, Mrs. Ana would say, she and Mr. Fulir drank fine wine there and danced merrily. And that’s exactly why there’s no better place to celebrate your 10th birthday, see off the Old and toast the New Year with the act of act.

And that is exactly why the celebratory Fuliranje, the most popular Advent event, decided to find its home from 2 to 31 December 2021. on the Oleander terrace of the Esplanade Hotel. Twelve restaurants will offer the best flavors and aromas, worthy of such a special place.

Gastro part of the program

The already well-known Chefs Mate Janković from the Institute of the same name, Ivan Pažanin from Chef's Burgers, Mario Mihelj from El Toro and Chef Ana Grgić from the Esplanade Hotel will introduce themselves. In addition to the great bars Gingle Bells, Rakijarnica and Acrobat Champagne & Wine, the new restaurants Izakaya, Restač, Beg's Plant Based Butchery and Esplanade, the holiday edition of Good Kut and Taika restaurants, magic from the Arctic Circle, will present their gastronomic magic.

The musical part of the program

In addition to creative performances, visitors will also enjoy musical moments – with many DJs such as Pepi Jogarde, Ozren Kanceljak Kanca and Zozo and live performances by Yogi Lonich, Joe Pandur amplified by Nikola Marjanović, Kritijan Beluhan and Michael Kvorka with friends.