Cafes with a view that makes us love summer in Zagreb

Author: Matina Tenžera

Until you escape to the sea, escape to the green oasis of the most beautiful views from the heights

Recommended by: Anna Klarić

Cafes with a view are the reason why we postpone going on holiday from year to year. Namely, Zagreb is anything but modest when it comes to cheerful and tempting terraces for sipping your morning coffee or afterwork cocktails. Even if we add a view that "shoots" to the city, then rooftop bars are an ideal choice. For this reason, we bring you a list of famous terraces at the top of Zagreb where you will love to spend time.

1. Zagreb Dance Center

Corona Sunsets Session

All roads lead to Ilica 10 this summer. A pop-up bar is located on the hidden roof of the Zagreb Dance Center, which delighted the first visitors this year as well. The well-known Corona Sunset Sessions event opened its doors on June 29, and guests will be able to enjoy the great atmosphere and refreshing drinks until the end of July. Don't think too much because we guarantee you a crazy time with the rhythms of a DJ, a romantic sunset and top-quality cocktails.

2. Caffe bar A'e

cafe bar a e

Booze with a view of the Zagreb Cathedral? A'e can! In the yard of the old house at the address Radićeva 54, A'e found his place under the sun. This fairytale upper town idyll offers a romantic view of the city that simply knocks you off your feet, and you will be no less surprised by the sumptuous list of local drinks, from various craft beers and selected wines to Zagreb Mule cocktails with a typical Zagreb drink – Badel pelinkovac.

3. A most unusual garden

a most unusual garden

It’s not a roof, but it’s something better – a tree house ! If you are happy, you will sit at a reasonable height surrounded by the canopy of nearby trees and watch all those sipping on the terrace below you. But don't lose heart if you find the house busy. Someone has simply read this text and this recommendation before you. Ije Rather, while you wait, treat yourself to a dessert from a renowned craft patisserie Let them eat cakes, and as soon as this magical booth is released – run high!

4. OUT Rooftop