You still get to visit the beautiful Grič tunnel



Author: Matina Tenžera

An installation as part of the Artupuncture art project was set up in it until November 1

The art installation Pupoljci, which calls for reflection on the creative reuse of objects, was re-installed in the Grič tunnel as part of the project of sustainable art in public space UpArt and the art platform Artupunktur, which is currently taking place throughout the city organized by the Zagreb Tourist Board. Although bringing a different experience with an updated set-up compared to last year's edition, the installation remains dedicated to the theme of recycling and upcycling objects, inspired by motifs and organic forms from nature that we all strive to preserve, on the other hand, entirely made of waste objects that burden it every day.

With this art installation, UpArt explores the ecological approach to art, that is, questions the versatility of the used objects and their potential for transformation into artistic work, as well as the ecological impact of the entire artistic process. Thus Pupoljci are made entirely of discarded plastic bags and tarpaulins, unusable umbrellas and metal scraps from production that were diverted from the road to the landfill into the artist's studio, and all the collected material was processed by hand with a minimal ecological footprint.

The UpArt project is initiated by the association Art for the City, and the artistic installation is signed by a creative team consisting of Jelena Petric, Jelena Malenica and Marta Grbešić (installation design and setting), Andrija Santro (light design), Hrvoje Nikšić (sound design) and Ana Mikin (project development , creative direction and production).

UpArt is part of the art and culture platform Artupunktur, organized by the Zagreb Tourist Board and partners, which brings together numerous art events and cultural projects during autumn in Zagreb. The joint artistic activity of a large number of artistic organizations, collectives and artists at specific points of the city aims to awaken its vital energy and further stimulate the cultural offer, thus positioning the city of Zagreb as a creative center and destination of the urban and contemporary cultural scene of this part of Europe.

To visit this magic inside the Grič tunnel, you have until Wednesday, November 1.