Several great new exhibitions have opened in Zagreb



Author: Matina Tenžera

Go to cool off from the sunny days, dive into one of the museum exhibits we recommend

Enough about outdoor events, tell me what it is that we can experience within the four walls? Even if you are not a fan of museums and galleries, we bring you a few treats that should intrigue and entertain both of you. All exhibitions opened within a month, and will last until the fall, however if you are looking for new experiences on the Zagreb asphalt…. Well, you're in the right place!

Erwin Wurm: The Show, Lauba

narrow house erwin wurm The narrowest house in the world walked to Barun Filipović 23a, in Zagreb's Lauba. Why would anyone make such a narrow house, many wonder. Does it matter – we wonder. Go until August 25th and take a walk – sorry – get through the narrow house of the Austrian artist Erwin Wurm . And let us know if you are still alive! Toys – childhood forever, Ethnographic Museum

toy exhibition It’s hard for us to imagine a person who can remain immune to toys. At least when we talk about the journey to childhood. Until May NEXT year, the Ethnographic Museum offers a large collection of toys from centuries back. Everyone will find the one they played with growing up. Or the one you would love to have today!

In addition, although the Ethnographic Museum has a basic exhibition on toys, by the end of this year you will be able to see guest exhibitions in various Zagreb museums. They will also include animated films and toys – so whoever loves, let him love! Pop rock memorabilia, Culture Factory

dino janitor

We had bizarre things, we had some daydreaming. Let’s go now to the alternative world of music. We believe that there are many lovers of music and music history among you. Eh now, if it coincides and you usually spin some kind of rock genre…. consider this exhibition at the Culture Factory a complete hit! Retrospective of Ivan Kožarić, Museum of Contemporary Art

Ivan Kožarić If anyone was an enfant terrible in the world of fine arts, it was certainly Ivan Kožarić . This lucid artist left us in November last year, and now it's time to remember why Kožarić long ago became a legend with his public work and thinking …