It is wonderful to know where to go on a trip near Zagreb



Author: Matina Tenžera

Summer in Zagreb is best when you spend part of the day on a refreshing trip around it! Here are five suggestions on where to take yourself and your team

When someone says summer in Zagreb, we also choose shaving in Zagreb's summer locations and excursions near it. Excursions near Zagreb up to two and a half hours drive are not only created for enthusiasts, but for those who know how to enjoy life in the summer. Namely, since quarantine has popularized going to nature, it is the right time to present you with several locations that, if you have not visited yet, can become a new fresh summer experience. However, if you have been to one of the locations in the past, do not hesitate to take someone with you to whom these contents will be a real little discovery. And clearly – if you know any other trip that we definitely need to include on our list – your suggestions are more than welcome!

Recommended by: Matina Tenžera

TOP 1 Whispering at Grga's konak

grgin konak

One is Grga, but there are many animals that he takes care of tirelessly from day to day. Hrvoje Gregurić has adopted more than 400 animals , from goats, donkeys, cats and pigs, all the way to emu, mouflon, ponies, goats and parrots. He recently organized the first gathering in his animal kingdom , and this is definitely an ideal opportunity to experience a real little paradise on earth!

Don't lose heart if you get lost along the way, because you have to make your way through Grga's konak through an inconspicuous forest road. However, when you pass Bjelovar (from the direction of Bjelovar), and near a small town called Virje, carefully follow your right side because you will see a hidden wooden sign that leads to a path overgrown with grass, and on which it says "Grgin konak".

Although the visit is nominally free, any donation is welcome because Grga has been struggling to feed all her hairy and feathered roommates in recent months. Whether in money or in kind, any help is in the right place. Arrival should be announced on 097 671 8927 or via the Facebook page Grgin konak .

A truly unique experience!

Driving time: 1 h and 30 min

TOP 2 Rafting on Mrežnica

rafting retina

You don’t always have to limit yourself to specific dates. You don't even have to with time. This is an ideal trip both in the rain and on a sunny day. Your destination is in Duga Resa, and more specifically, in Zvečaj, where after a crazy drive through Mrežnica you can refresh yourself with a delicious offer of the Zeleni kut restaurant. Yes, if you come with children, you have made another full hit. Our suggestion is to bring bathing suits, towels, toys and everything else you would otherwise bring for an outdoor party where there is water.

Driving time: 1 h and 10 min

TOP 3 Postojna Cave

postojna cave slovenia

Are you afraid of traveling outside Croatia? Slovenia is a "crown free" country in our neighborhood, and it is truly an ideal option for those who still have an itchy ID card or passport …