HGSS is organizing a survival race on Sljeme



Author: Matina Tenžera

This will be a great opportunity to learn first hand what it is like to rescue people in the mountains, but also what are the practical tips on first aid techniques or simply a chance to survive if you get stuck in an impassable area

If you’ve ever wanted to be part of the HGSS team that searches for an injured person, medically cares for them and transports them to the ambulance team, now’s your chance. For the first time in 72 years of existence, HGSS enables citizens to see the world with their own eyes, at the first Sljeme Rescue Race competition on June 25 in Medvednica . Five teams of four people will take part in the competition, and all participants will receive interesting prizes.

Prior to the competition, the teams will undergo a short training on resuscitation and transport of the injured person , which will be held by doctors from the HGSS Rescue Medicine Commission. Then each team will go in search of the injured person. Once they find her, they will have to "revive" her and carry her to the finish line on a stretcher. The team that finishes the Sljeme Rescue Race first will win a very interesting prize . Of course, the HGSS members also thought of the other participants, so all the teams are waiting for gifts that will come in handy in various situations.

Apart from adrenaline and fun, the first Sljeme Rescue Race competition is important because of the importance of educating as many citizens as possible about the method of resuscitation if they find themselves in such a situation.

HGSS members are volunteers trained in first aid and trained in all mountain rescue techniques. With the first Sljeme Rescue Race competition, we want to educate all interested citizens about our vocation, show them the challenges facing our volunteers and teach them how they can save someone's life, is the message of the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service.