These Halloween events are not for the faint of heart



Author: Matina Tenžera

We have selected TOP 3 thematic excursions in the vicinity of Zagreb – but don't go on them alone

We are all more or less ready for numerous thematic club events that await us already on the weekend before October 31. However, few are ready to experience (and hopefully survive) a true Halloween in a slightly different arrangement. So you don't necessarily have to party in masks all night. You can also go on one of three excursions in the vicinity of Zagreb. All three are tailored specifically for Halloween and all three require you to bring some brave company with you. For your own good. So, listen and hear what Halloween trips we have prepared for you as a suggestion!


Choose whether you like Saturday October 28 or Sunday October 29 more. Of course, this choice will probably depend on who you arrive with, i.e. whether there are children or only adults in the team. But let's be realistic. Just visiting the Trakošćan castle at night is a creepy experience. When you add in the masks and themed decorations, the fear level rises to a solid level.


Okay, these aren't exactly Halloween trips around Zagreb, but we'll just say that all wise hikers make sure they don't spend the night in the woods. And when you consider that this event is scheduled just after dark, you'll think you're miles away from Zagreb. Besides, the event is also open to children, so it shouldn't be too scary. Or? Well, maybe the good news is that it's about racing , so you'll be running away any way you turn.


We don't know if it's good or bad that in this case it's a two-day trip where you don't have the choice to come only one of the two days. You're either in or you're not. Simple as that. Now – the story is quite complete. First, during the day you are active up and down the Klek mountain, and then you party in the evening. All meals provided. DJ gigs too. Doesn't sound so bad. Just try not to get lost on the mountain.

We have brought our suggestions for an unusual but very experiential Halloween party, and for the future… whoever survives will talk.