Instead of a psychiatrist, go to laughter therapy



Author: Matina Tenžera

Gumbek's days are the ideal place to recover from everyday stress!

In May, the Gumbek Days will be held in the Histrionski dom, this year the fourteenth in a row, dedicated to one of the greatest Croatian comedians and actors – Mladen Crnobrnja Gumbek.

XIV. Gumbek's Days will open on Friday, May 14, with the play EUROPE HAS A STRIKE FOR US, produced by the Histrion Theater, and the closing ceremony and award ceremony will take place on Saturday, May 29 .

The program will offer 11 different plays realized by different theater troupes throughout Croatia. We will agree, just like spring, and this year Gumbek’s Days serve as a more effective therapy than going to a psychiatrist. There is no better solution than stress and daily lethargy than a good dose of quality laughter.

All performances will be held at the Histrionski dom (Ilica 90) at 8 p.m.

Gumbek's days and schedule of performances 14.05.2021 (Friday) 20:00 Opening XIV. Gumbek's days – PREMIERE – EUROPE HAS A STRIK FOR US GD Histrion 15.05.2021 (Saturday) 20:00 – MISTERO BUFFO INK Pula 17.05.2021 (Monday) 20:00 – MIKESKI KORONA KABARE GK Virovitica 18.05.2021 (Tuesday) 20:00 – PERFORMANCE IN THE & TD THEATER – UNKNOWN FROM SEINE feat PORTO MORTO Theater & TD 19.05.2021 (Wednesday) 20:00 –OSIJEK CABARET AUKOS Osijek 20.05.2021 (Thursday) 20:00 – ARSEN'S FERAL HNK Šibenik 21.05.2021 (Friday) 20: 00 – ROSA E HNK Varaždin 22.05.2021 (Saturday) 20:00 – SF Cabaret SPLIT IN SPACE GKM Split 23.05.2021 (Sunday) 20:00 – CABARET – CONCERT FOR SPOONS AND GUITAR EXIT Theater and Ulysses Theater 25.05.2021 (Tuesday ) 20:00 – EUROSONG FUTURE SHOW Damir Horvat, UO Canta 28.05.2021 (Friday) 20:00 – RINGIŠPIL KEREKESH Theater 29.05.2021 (Saturday) 20:00 Closing and award ceremony XIV. Gumbek's days – EUROPE HAS A STRIK FOR US GD Histrion