The Green River Festival found its home along the Sava River near the Hendrix Bridge

Author: Matina Tenžera

New clothes of the Sava sunbathing area with a solar beach

Step into the future, peek into the past and enjoy the present moment – this is how the Green River Festival could be described, completely in harmony with nature. It has opened its doors on a green meadow near Zagreb's Hendrix Bridge and is expecting its small and large guests on the Sava embankment until September 20. A rich sports program by Decathlon, attractive workshops for children and adults as well as a smart zone will surely attract many visitors. Zagreb is the first host of this Festival , which next year will embark on a tour of the largest Croatian rivers (Sava, Drava, Danube). The event is organized by the Nature for All Association with the support of the Medvedgrad Brewery, Flixbus, the Fund for Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency, Tom Palette and the Reed World.

Green River

A place where the past merges with the beauty of the present moment

Zagreb's Sava beach used to be a popular place to hang out, have fun and fall in love. Unfortunately, it no longer exists today, but memories and vivid images have been preserved in the film Who Sings Evil Doesn't Think, which visitors will be able to see on September 2nd. An unavoidable part of the Sava beach was Babinjak, a women's sunbathing area, which will be revived at this Festival, with the legendary Miss Sava pageant. It was built by members of the Association from recycled materials. It will host many ladies who leave a mark with their "signature", and some of them are the excellent creative entrepreneur Kristina Ercegović as well as the young Ena Rajić who verses below in order to be as close as possible to you. You will feel how to combine the past with the beauty of the present moment and new technologies on solar deck chairs, while listening to music from the solar stage and cooling off under solar showers.

Green River

A festival that brings visitors closer to the application of renewable energy sources

The organizer of the festival, Ana Rosandić, emphasizes that the Festival, through practical examples, wants to bring visitors closer to the use of renewable energy sources as effective solutions for the future and encourage people to use it in their own homes. The long-term goal is to provide electricity for the entire festival through renewable energy sources and to become completely independent of the grid system. Thus, CO2 emissions would be reduced to a minimum and contribute to the fight against climate change as a burning issue today.

Green River

The Jeboton ensemble and Stampedo are just some of the concerts that await you

Once a week, Green Oasis will also host themed dances, and in the evening, DJs, Jeboton ensemble and many others will perform. Kids can expect creative workshops with daily making of #reusedontabuse masks from recycled materials, and children and parents can try their hand at games without borders. We connect the past and the future with VR glasses and scenes from Sava, and test your dexterity on the slackline. Gourmets can expect Medvedgrad pub, stuffed langoustines, frkavci, sweet and savory green rolls and special cocktails Green River and Solar Sun, and on September 12 the smell of carp on forks will spread as part of the Fishing Evening with a Stampede concert.

Green River

Wednesday 26.8. brings an interesting program

On Wednesday 26.8. at the Green River Festival on the Sava embankment, they have the official opening of the cult Babinjak, which in the form of an amphitheater and a green oasis offers everyone a handful of interesting topics.

This Wednesday with them is a successful entrepreneur, writer and business consultant Kristina Ercegović who will treat you to a lecture from 18:00 to 20:00 where you can learn something about entrepreneurship, motivation and a woman who has been in the business world for over 18 years.

Green River

Screening of a travel film: Easy walk – Camino primitivo

After Babinjak and Kristina Ercegović, at 8 pm, they are showing Bojan Bojić's travelogue film 'Easy Walk – Camino Primitivo' (70 ′).

"Swimming in the ocean on the first day of spring, socializing with interesting characters, ritual burning of dreadlocks, magical sunsets…" – Bojan Bojić …