Graffiti on Gradele released the first part of the lineup



Author: Matina Tenžera

This year's GNG will last even two days longer, from July 26-30, 2023.

There are only a little more than two months left until the new edition of the favorite summer festival in Bol on Brač, Graffiti on Gradele. This year's GNG will last even two days longer, from July 26-30, 2023 , and among the first names arriving in Bol are 30 Zona, 2xŠihta, Krešo and Žuvi, Bore Balboa and Sjena .

The first part of the music lineup is out

The strongest performers of the local and regional trap and hip hop scene will once again bring audiences from all over Croatia to Brač, who for the eleventh year in a row enjoy graffiti and murals, concerts, numerous workshops, the sea and the sun in the last week of July. The champions of the Zagreb ghetto scene 30 Zona are coming to Bol as the first announced part of the lineup. With three albums behind them, this duo from Zagreb quickly became a favorite of the audience, and the regional popularity was also contributed by the fact that they participated in the Serbian series South Wind, recording the first song by Croatian artists "Pos'o".

The second favorite band of the Croatian audience that comes to GNG is 2xŠihta. Coming from the legendary Zagreb band High5, pioneers of the trap scene who had some of their first concerts at the first editions of Graffita on Gradele, he now comes to already well-known locations in Bol. Riđi, Rade, Žugi and Rinoma will sing us the hits from their first album "Spremni za rad" together with the audience who sings all the lyrics in unison with them.

Krešo and Žuvi are legends of the Split rap scene, also residents of the festival and an irreplaceable link in creating the whole rap vibe of the festival from the very beginning. With hits like Mirela Holy, Paka, I have a beautiful friend, Niko nema meda and many others that we could listen to while the concerts were still held at the old location in the White House, they will create a hot atmosphere in Bol's 585 Club that is not to be missed.

Bore Balboa, the gentleman of Croatian rap, one of the most popular performers of this genre in Croatia and the region, is also a resident of the festival and returns to the heated stage of Club 585. In ten years of his scene, he has built almost a cult of personality – with full credit. A great songwriter in the manner of his underground hip hop predecessors, he won over the audience and critics with two studio albums, and with each new hit he cements his name deep into the Croatian hip hop scene.

Sjena is a relatively new name on the trap scene, but it rightfully stands on the big stages with the already mentioned and other giants of this genre. His first album Princ Vampirsky immediately met with the approval of the audience, and popular Croatian rappers Goca RIP, Yung Bude and Buntai also guest on 9 songs. Graffita is coming to the stage of Gradele for the first time, and we have no doubts about its effectiveness with the GNG audience.

New old locations, murals and even a two-day longer festival

With even two days longer, additional activations and new attractive locations, the well-coordinated festival team is preparing a superb drawing lineup made up of local, regional and foreign street art and graffiti artists. 585 Club will once again be a concert mecca every night, and the many well-known daily activities at the White House will be joined by some new ones. GNG Aftermovie 2022:

Graffiti on Gradele is being held this year as a sign of commemorating one hundred years of tourism in Bol. A symbol of the Adriatic and Croatian tourism, Bol on Brač has been marking this important anniversary for Croatian tourism with various activations, events and manifestations since the beginning of this year. Entrance to all day events and workshops at the festival is free, while tickets for the evening concerts will be sold, which you can get now at a promo price of 23 euros for the entire festival.