Where are we partying for Halloween 2023?



Author: Matina Tenžera

This year, pop-up themed parties in locations that normally rarely open their doors stood out

Every year in October, we bring you a list of the most interesting things to do for Halloween. This year, for the first time, that list is not even close to those of previous years. Mainly because this year, after a long time, we have pop up themed parties in locations that normally rarely open their doors for club events.


The Tooloomeeshka Urban Culture Association is already a well-known address for organizing attractive club and concert events. Something that started back in 2011 as a new year's eve organized by five high school students for their friends, has grown into a much bigger movement. Today, these five deserve to be included in the list of the best parties for Halloween 2023.

The party is held in Wespa spaces , and you choose the masks yourself. Just to make them look scary. Terribly good of course.


As soon as we saw the name of this year's Halloween party at the Culture Factory, we couldn't help but imagine all those magical pink masks in a scary version . We dare say that this is definitely our winner when it comes to choosing a theme for Halloween 2023.


We're going to assume that masks won't be a priority at this party. But know that Hala Park will also open its doors on October 31. With tehnjava, which we hope you will remember in the morning.

Día de Muertos

This is not an unknown Halloween party. The BSH Events collective has been organizing it for the last two to three years (who's counting?), and will offer the same this year. With equally high-quality performers. You can guess the theme of the parties, and this year's location is the Zagreb Fair . Yes, and the good news is that this event takes place a few days before Halloween, so you can visit the other club events as well!


A rumor has been circulating among the team for years that this is the only real Halloween party in town . You can guess once which club it is. Well, masked people have priority at the entrance and pay a cheaper ticket price!


Last year, according to one of the most read news portals in Croatia, the best Halloween mask was revealed at their party. Last year everyone was The Stranger Things, and this year it was simply ghosts . Now, let someone try to come without a mask.


This year too, kids have the opportunity to experience a costume party on the eve of Halloween. Of course, we are talking about the MiniPolis playroom, which is located in the Z center, and the party lasts four full days with a rich program . Realistically, even if the kids don't come in costumes, the party will be at a level worthy of every playful kid and kid.

If you think that some significant pastime has not found its place on our list, don't be ashamed. With or without a mask, you can always contact us at info@divan.hr and let us know what it is about. The list will be updated until October 31!