Gastro offer of Advent

Author: Matina Tenžera

The first announcements of Advent dishes and drinks from the most frequented locations

If there is a time to eat well, then it is December. Not only because of "heavier" food, but also creative menus from numerous Advent houses. This year, we decided to gather in one place what is offered at some of the busiest Advent locations.


gastro zrinjevac advent

A sumptuous gastronomic offer eagerly awaits its gourmets. Buncaš, Grahos military beans, Kaiser sausage, "Hot Italian and Spanish", Italian porchetta, sausages in a million ways with more pinches of spices and Crunchy Beef Empanada are just some of the finger-licking delicacies that will surely make you stop at Slatki Zrinjevac.

And what a sweet offer awaits you!

Special kroštula, Christmas pudding, Christmas pancake, churros, homemade fritters according to grandma's recipe, fries with fine sauces and sweet rolls with fine cream. It's also worth mentioning the great, warm and cold cocktails you've never had before, but would love to, by Filip Lipnik and Art of Bar. They will round off the gastronomic feast, which awaits you from noon to midnight at Slatki Zrinjevac with real gastronomic dishes, chefs Mihovil Rosa, Damir Baja, Zvonimir Štrko, Marija Mihelj, Melkior Bašić, Marin Medak and innovative baker Karl Vulin.


violet sarme begs plant based

At Fulinarja, you will step into a true holiday idyll with all your senses, and Strossmayer's favorite square will smell, look, sound and vibrate like the warmest Christmas home. A delicious gastronomic offer for the most beautiful time of the year was specially prepared for us by:

Nebo by Deni Srdoč Streetstyle Izakaya Sausage Institute by Mate Janković Boogie Lab Chef's burger by Ivan Pažanin Picnic Mingle and Fun Pizza Social Club Good Food Rougemarin Beg's Plant Based Streetfood Kužinavanje by Damir Tomljanović Full Circle Street Food Public Briocherie

In such a rich and wide range of culinary genres, we believe that everyone will find their favorite snacks. Holiday days and evenings will be additionally warmed by the best wines, premium brandies, cocktails and champagnes offered by the legendary Rakijarnica, the unsurpassed Gingle Bells and the excellent Punch House by Gin Garden.



This year's edition of the most charming Advent festival will be enriched with its creative gourmet concept by Ana Grgić Tomić, Esplanada's multiple award-winning chef with a special recognition from the World Gastronomic Organization and a green Michelin star for the sustainable concept of Zinfandel's restaurant. Ana and her team perform on the Fooling Around street scene for the third time in a row and bring delicious dishes such as crostata with cod and hot croquettes with kulen.

Chef Deni Srdoč , who received Michelin stars for two restaurants, will exclusively offer the Zagreb public during FOOLING AROUND his creative signature dishes, normally available to guests of the Hidden wine bistro in Rijeka. Burgers and lamb pita bread and seafood hot dogs will be served with unexpectedly fun side dishes…