Fuliranje delights with food again

Author: Matina Tenžera

The terrace of the Esplanade Hotel is a new address, and Fuliranje is celebrating its 10th birthday this year!

Chef Mate Janković remains faithful to his Sausage Institute, but adds his own special flair to them, and Chef Ivan Pažanin from Chef's Burgers flirts with slightly different flavors of burgers. For the first time in Fuliranju on the street scene goes chef-confectioner team Esplanade and Chefica, Ana Grgic Tomic, who announces great dishes like cod croquettes, quiche Lorraine and beef cheek to chic culinary twist, and there are of course inevitable, baked Esplanade štruklji .

The terrace of the Esplanade Hotel is a new address, and Fuliranje is celebrating its 10th birthday this year!

The strongest gastronomic address

tick filling

In that name…. Izakaya flirts with a selection of "bunova" with blood sausages, buncek, but also more exotic variants of chistora and ebi, with a rich palette of cocktails. Moderately hungry people will surely reach for the offer of Acrobat Wine Bar – platters with slices of black pork Blasquez and St.Luce pasta with the best wine and champagne labels. El Toro remains faithful to South American flavors, so in addition to the already well-known salsicci (sausages), he also adds Asado beef taco and crispy cannolas stuffed with tiramisu cream .

Creative Restač brings for the first time a 3 pizza sandwich, with graduation steaks, fritto misto and one "movie" dish. Taika magic from the Arctic Circle arrives with fine sandwiches with salmon and shrimp, and they have something for the team – Expedition Dish. Good Kut, led by gastro-sensitive Ivana Bekavac , is preparing a lick for the fingers to lick – Soup to take off per mille, Sandwich that has seen no meat, strudel soft as a soul – and this is the address for all vegan people . Beg's Plant Based Butchery – premieres, but with a real rhapsody of flavors: Beg's Santa Balls – meatballs in melted cheese pastries, Beg's Choco Chilli – in dark chocolate tacos and Beg's Mac & Cheeze are just some of them, and they point out WHAT chai.

Toast after meals

fuliranje cuga

Special gold powder and drops with gastronomic shapes will be added by great bars – Rakijarnica with more than 40 types of brandy (there will be none), panettone by Kroštula – say the best in space and crunchy Croatian pop-up popcorn and Gingle Bells in a real Christmas cocktail mood.