Survive the summer in Zagreb with movies under the starry sky



Author: Matina Tenžera

Three magical locations throughout the summer offer world and domestic film treats in a green setting, and under a night sky cover

We’re not saying someone discovered hot water, it’s not. There were films at the same locations this summer as well, however, this summer only films in Zagreb will be continuously offered on the entire social menu.

With some theater performances and regular summer festivals at several Zagreb locations, an open-air film is always a good decision…. Is it?

Prick one of the three locations for great film pleasure, and if you want to recommend us something else that we missed, let us know – either by e-mail or on social networks !

Tuškanac Summer Stage

summer stage tuscan What it is – the Tuškanac Summer Stage is the film king every summer and in general every occasion without rainfall. A unique position other than the film program secured the Summer Stage this title. So, for example, it is not a failure to watch a movie that you already know by heart or to take a dear person to a good night out (or warming up for the time). When you consider that at the foot of the Summer Stage there is also a cafe where you can refresh yourself before and after the screening with a functional toilet, then there really is no discussion. Green River Fest

Green River Festival on the Sava Admit it – you still haven’t visited the river festival that thrilled us when it appeared last year. Namely, the meadow at the foot of the Hendrix Bridge has always longed for content and bustle, and the Green River Fest team has finally fulfilled the wishes of many. In addition to thefilms that are offered to you every Tuesday, you will find food, booze, numerous workshops and some concerts. Try to combine all these contents with the projection of the film for maximum experience. And if you fail – we are sure that the freshness of our dear river Sava will be a worthy replacement for you! Art park

Art Park The festival favorite of the summer through the rich content entices whether it attracts big and small to visit. Workshops, exhibitions, concerts, stage performances for the least and of course – open-air films. In the Art Park, you will probably meet at least three faces you know this year as well, and when you lie down on one of the deck chairs or on the grass, it is unlikely that anything will be important in your life – except how to enjoy yourself. This year, in the Art Park, they opted for documentaries .