The festival of lights brought the whole city to the streets

Author: Matina Tenžera

This year, the schedule includes 24 locations with a total of 29 light attractions

Although due to the reconstruction of Gornji Grad, this year's Festival of Lights is being held in fewer locations with a reduced number of installations, we have to admit that – when you step out into the streets of Zagreb – you don't feel it at all. And on the first day of the Festival, the whole city took to the streets. Rivers of people flowed through the Lower Town in all directions. The festival lasts four more days, until Sunday, March 24, from 6 to 11 p.m.

festival of lights 6

We have "Spring Advent"

The image of torrents of visitors flowing from location to location, nervous drivers who all take turns honking their horns as they slide slowly through the center of Zagreb and light hyperstimulation from all sides. It is a picture that irresistibly reminds of December in Zagreb. Only this time it's a little warmer. In other words, to visit the Festival of Lights, arm yourself with patience, regardless of whether you are walking around the city or sitting in a car in a traffic jam.

festival of lights 4

Four new locations were opened this year. Marulić Square, Croatian Giants Square, Dolac Market and Masarykova Street. There are more dynamic light projections on the buildings that are triggered every ten minutes. Last years, the only one of its kind was projected at the Mimara Museum and easily won the "victory" as the most attractive festival location. We won't announce this year's winner, instead we'll leave it up to you to decide.

festival of lights 5

If you come with kids, expect to spend the longest time in Mažuranec, Zrinjevac and in the park at the foot of Dubravka road. These three locations have given their soul to quality children's entertainment.

festival of lights 2

The three locations that impressed us the most on our first visit are the "runners" in the Ribnjak park, the balloons in the pavilion on Zrinjevac and the light attractions in the Tuškanac forest.