A festival dedicated to one of today's popular hobbies



Author: Matina Tenžera

The location is the Ethnographic Museum, and the event is intended for all age groups

On Saturday, November 25 , the Zagreb Yarn Craft Fest, the third Zagreb festival of yarn and textile techniques, will be held in the Ethnographic Museum.

At the third festival of traditional and modern textile techniques, thematic lectures and creative workshops await you; for beginners, more advanced knitters and knitters, but also for the youngest. In order to promote the domestic scene of textile techniques, festival visitors will have the opportunity to participate in a series of masterclasses by experienced instructors.

Masterclasses of knitting experts

Textile designer and big fan of fashion, Snježana Horvatić Popović is behind the brand ParamParam. She realized a long time ago that the direction of today's fashion is by no means sustainable and works intensively on informal education through creative repurposing and quick repair workshops. At the festival, Snjezana will pass on the knowledge and techniques of creative mending of clothes.

With the internationally certified knitting and crocheting instructor, Adriana Meglaj , you will learn to knit with your hands: No knitting needles are needed at the Masterclass Knitted with your fingers. Once the basics of knitting are mastered, there is no limit to what can be knitted! Felting is a specific technique that artist Diana Botica has been practicing for a long time. Diana will lead the Woolen Holidays masterclass.

If you want to learn how to make Lepoglav lace, but you don't have three hours of time for a classic workshop – don't worry! The masters of Lepoglav lace from Varaždin will meet you and at the Lepoglav lace masterclass they will show you the secrets of the craft in just 90 minutes!

Useful workshops for beginners

In addition to the masterclasses at the festival, you can also take part in free handicraft workshops.

The Section for Traditional Textile Handicrafts of HORKUD Golub Bjelovar comes to us from Bjelovar. The Administration for the Protection of Cultural Heritage placed under preventive protection the Lace on the Wire, which the members of the section found and reconstructed. Visitors to the ZYCF will have the opportunity to get to know this exceptional cultural heritage and participate in the lace-making workshop.

The ethnic association Vrijedne ruke from Vinkovci will hold a beginner's and advanced crochet workshop and two ethno-fashion shows: "Crochet" (in the Slavonic costume, almost all parts are decorated with crochet, crochet is a very durable and stable handwork and as such was used primarily in making costume for work) and "Checkerboard" (our grandmothers used red and white most often in weaving, knitting, crocheting, knitting, slinging, and the Ethno Association will present our national colors with this collection using leather, weaving, crocheting, knitting, embroidery, slinging , Toledo..).

The association "Sikirevački motifi" will conduct two workshops of Sun lace – Sikirevački motifs, and the association "Svetomarska čipka" will hold demonstrations of the unique Svetomarska lace on batiks at its stand throughout the day.

For those who want to know more

With all the masterclasses and workshops, don't skip the thematic lectures:

• Contemporary interpretation of lace in the printing technique for creating a textile design collection – the lecture is given by Paula Skelin, a young textile designer, who graduated in 2022 with a degree in textile design at the Faculty of Textiles and Technology in Zagreb. • The benefits of knitting and crocheting for the individual and the community – the lecture is given by Sandra Kerovec, master's degree in educational rehabilitation, employed at the Day Center for Rehabilitation and Work Activities OZANA as the manager of the Štrikefaj café. Ozana association and Štrikefaj café will present their work at the stand as part of the festival. • One thread, one character – a lecture about the fascinating world of fibers is given by Tea Šilić, owner of the Needle and Hook trade. Her educational background in biology and nature conservation gave her a deeper insight into the origin and composition of the miraculous threads and encouraged her to expand and deepen her knowledge of raw materials and yarn production.

Special events for children

This year, even the youngest visitors will have the opportunity to roll up their sleeves and have a good time.

During the day NP KRKA will hold several free children's workshops "Apron thread by thread" on the topic of weaving (recommended age: 4-10):

• Making a woven decoration • Weaving with paper – 3R • Weaving on a children's loom

In addition to the already mentioned associations, at this year's festival the following will be presented as exhibitors and designers of yarn: Likamee, Bolkica, Make you macrame, Felt Loved and Mativ Craft , as well as renowned shops with yarn and related accessories:

UNITAS – Croatian factory of needlework thread and the only producer and exporter of thread in the Republic of Croatia. ZLATO RUNO / ELANDA doo – Slovenian online store of materials and accessories for handicrafts. KRAVELLI – a store of high-quality, handmade horsehair and accessories, which comes to us from Georgia…