What is better than champagne? Sparkling wine with strawberries!



Author: Matina Tenžera

The festival of sparkling wines and strawberries will be held in the courtyards of the most famous Jaska wineries, and the arrival must be announced in advance

The sparkling wine and strawberry festival… sounds delicious, doesn’t it? Over the centuries, with the effort and love of winegrowers in the vast Plešivica area, which is located on the eastern and southern slopes of Plešivica, vineyards with a mosaic of different grape varieties have been created. Here the vineyards have been cultivated for hundreds of years, and the special ecological conditions, with a climate where nature was prone and human art great, have enabled the production of specific and original wines.

On the eve of World Wine Day, which is celebrated on May 25, we are preparing the Sparkling & Strawberry Festival, which will be held on May 22 and 23, 2021 in the open , in the courtyards of wineries of famous Jaska sparkling wine producers participating in this event; R.Braje, Dobra berba, Ž. Gregorić, Ivančić – Griffin, Jagunić, Kolarić, Korak, Kurtalj, Šember, Tomac & Bajda.

The wineries will be open Saturday and Sunday, from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. The arrival must be announced to the owners of the selected winery, and as part of the same they will have the opportunity to taste sparkling wines and strawberries at a promotional price of 20 kuna. Compliance with all prescribed epidemiological measures is mandatory.

This is an opportunity to taste the best sparkling wines on the May weekend and discover the secrets of Jaska cellars, from the winemakers themselves. The organizers will certainly do their best to welcome the participants at certain points with additional pleasant surprises, especially for those who come to Plešivica for the first time.

In the coming days, meet Jaska sparkling wines and winemakers!

Let us remind you that in 2019, the Jaska Tourist Board received the award of the Association of Croatian Travel Agencies for creativity, inventiveness of the event, which contributes to the improvement of the tourist offer of the destination based on the production of top sparkling wines.

Contacts for booking

R. Braje Lokošin Dol 1 T: 01 6279 038, 098 202 695 E: brajerobert@net.hr

Dobra Berba Ivančići 11 T: 099 3134 715 E: info@dobraberba.hr www.dobraberba.hr

Gregorić Vlaškovec 45 T: 098 3042 62 E: vino.gregoric@gmail.com

Ivančić-Griffin Plešivica 62 T: 095 3630 541 E: kresimir@ivancic.hr http://ivancic.hr/

Jagunić Plešivica 25 T: 01 6293 094, 098 1856 132 E: velimir_jagunic@yahoo.com www.vinarija-jagunic.com

Kolarić Hrastje Plešivičko 24 T: 098 227 678, 091 5757 610 E: franjo.kolaric@zg.t-com.hr www.kolaric-vina.hr

Korak Plešivica 34 T: 098 815 271 E: korak@korakwinery.com www.korakwinery.com

Reserved dates: Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 12 noon, from 5 pm to 9 pm.

Kurtalj Plešivica 59 T: 01 6293 145, 098 315 844 E: drago.kurtalj@gmail.com www.kurtalj.hr

Šember Donji Pavlovčani 11b T: 01 6282 476, 091 6282 476, 091 1523 916 E: zdenkosember@gmail.com www.sember.hr Visitors are accepted until 6 pm!

Tomac & Bajda A. and D. Starčevića 31 T: 01 6283 117, 098 414 587 E: tomek.tomac@gmail.com

In case of extraordinary events and the influence of force majeure – weather conditions or similar disasters that may prevent the event from taking place in the specified period, the organizers reserve the right to first postpone and finally cancel the event (last option). In case of an epidemiologically unfavorable situation and a change in the working hours of catering facilities, the organizers will change the date of the event in order to protect the health of all participants, of which all participants will be notified in a timely manner.