We expect the pizza festival this year already at the end of May

Author: Matina Tenžera

The location is once again Dr. Franje Tuđman Square, and 26 different types of pizza will be baked

This year too, fans of this, arguably the "most eaten" dish in the world, will enjoy pizzas. All sizes, shapes and fillings. Expect 26 different types of pizza, once again at Dr. Franje Tuđman Square.

Unlike last year's premier edition of the festival in June, this year's Pizza Festival will take place from May 18 to 28 . Working hours are from noon to midnight, and the novelty is the children's program. It will consist of workshops, trampolines and magic tricks.

And the food?

10 cottages await you for 10 days of enjoying and trying Italian delicacies according to the recipes of our chefs.

🍕 Al Dente 🍕 Beg's Plant Based 🍕 Bite of Fun by Melkior Bašić 🍕 Poma Food Boutique 🍕 Pizza Social Club 🍕 Full Circle Pizza by Marko Palfi 🍕 Mrs. Fogg 🍕 Rougemarin 🍕 Pizza Fritta 🍦 PRI SUN Luxury Gelato

And the muse?

🎵 Ozren Kanceljak

🎵 DJ Robert Mareković

🎵 DJ Stanko Bonža

🎵 DJ William Collins

🎵 DJ Filip Jelas

🎵 The Griff ZUCCHERO Celebration Band

Humanitarian as a sweet part of the festival

On the first day of the festival, May 18, as well as from May 23 to 25, you have the opportunity to participate in a humanitarian pizza challenge for the Down Association. Then famous influencers, actors, musicians and presenters will make original pizzas, and all the income from their star dishes will go to the Down Association.