A festival that celebrates greenery tomorrow

It will be held in the green oasis of Rougemarin Park in Folnegovićevo naselje

The two-day conference, inspiring panel discussions on green initiatives, electric and hybrid car expo and the National Environmental Award 2022 – Green Prix, are the backbone of the upcoming Greencite Festival, which will take place from 2 to 5 June in the old Electric Light Bulb Factory and Rougemarin Park Zagreb, to gather the leaders of the green transition, but also all lovers of nature and the environment.

The aim of this unique festival is to further raise awareness of the problem of climate change and emphasize the importance of overcoming green global challenges, both internationally and locally.

In addition to learning about topics such as the impact of climate change on corporations, smart cities, occupations of the future, innovators as drivers of change and waste as raw materials, visitors will have the opportunity to hear live some of the world's best and domestic sustainability experts. Conference tickets can be purchased through the Entrio system .

This year's novelties

The Hackaton competition in cooperation with the British Embassy will also be held as part of the festival. After two days of work, experts will select and award the most successful project. The big news of the festival is the expo of the latest models of electric and hybrid cars on the Croatian market, which visitors will be able to see for free in the Rougemarin Park.

The Greencite Festival also announces the award of the National Environmental Award 2022 – Green Prix, in six categories. Applications for the Green Prix open on March 31, and the winners will be candidates who have contributed in a special and innovative way to achieving climate goals. Of particular interest will be the Greenlider 2022 category, and the winner will be chosen by the public based on the highest number of votes.

And will he drink?

In addition to all the above, educational and exhibition content, there will be no shortage of good entertainment. During the day, the green oasis of Rougemarin Park will spread the scents of vegetarian delicacies prepared by chef Marin Medak, and in the evening visitors will enjoy the great music of the most famous Croatian bands.