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19. Pride parade of LGBTIQ people and families Zagreb Pride

The longest-running political protest for human rights in Croatia, the Nineteenth Pride Parade of the LGBTIQ community, person and family Zagreb Pride under the slogan "Freedom inside and outside the four walls" will be held in Zagreb on Saturday, September 19, 2020.

The pride procession will begin with a gathering on 19.09. at 15:00 on Marko Square, and will pass through the following streets and squares of Zagreb – Ćirilometodska Street to Katarina Square, then Strossmayer Promenade to Mesnička Street, Ilica to Ban Josip Jelačić Square, Augusta Cesarac Street to Europe Square, then Vlaška to Josip Square to Ribnjak, Pride Park, where the Parade will end with occasional socializing and music by local DJs in collaboration with Art Park and Animafest, all with full respect for epidemiological measures.

Freedom inside and outside the four walls

This year, our "new normal" is that the Pride Parade gathers for the first time on St. Mark's Square, in front of the Parliament, the Government and the Constitutional Court. We will not be there by accident, we will be there to demand from the highest authorities of our Republic to tear down the walls that continue to restrict our rights, and our families continue to push the citizens into the second line.

We therefore demand that the process of amending the Constitution be initiated so that all families are equal in all rights and obligations. The time has come to amend the unjust and deeply humiliating provision on the definition of marriage to include same-sex families.

That is why we hereby call on all citizens to respond to this fight for equality. This struggle must be waged on the street and at the polls, in public and within our immediate environment, at work, in colleges and in schools, in virtual and real space. Only together can we defeat those who persistently trample and challenge our rights and their sponsors in St. Mark's Square.

That is why Pride, which has been fighting for equality and freedom for all people for almost twenty years, has become one of the most important protests for human and civil rights in Croatia. Whatever happens, the Pride Parade will always take place, in the spring or summer, and if necessary under a snowstorm.

Full Proclamation XIX. Pride parades of the LGBTIQ community, persons and families of Zagreb Pride, with an explanation of the request to change the Constitution can be found at the link .

Everyone and everyone who believes in wider social justice, solidarity and equality, in equality and security in our homes with our families, as well as in our streets and squares, is invited to the Pride Parade.

As part of the Zagreb Pride, Animafest Zagreb 2020 in the Art Park (Ribnjak Park) shows an all-night program consisting of five award-winning animated films on topics related to the Zagreb Pride mission.

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