Archived: Zagreb Clown Festival: EchO


EchO is a recurring nightmare of two comedians trapped on stage. In their attempt at liberation they will realize that being free often does not mean breaking the shackles but learning to live with them. In order to examine and understand the nature of human relationships and connections, their fragility and at the same time strength, performers use almost all available non-verbal "toys" – movement, manipulation of objects, mime, puppet, clown, light and music ". In this way, they create visually-acoustically lavish metaphors which, with universal language, and with an undoubted dose of humor, create and proclaim poetry as a key connection with life.

Concept: Ymedioteatro Director: Ymedioteatro, Zero en Conducta & Delfín Caset Performers: Alex Ramos & Santos Sánchez Set design: Ymedioteatro Graphic design: Olaavi Naamio Technical design and direction: Anette Malaussène & Alex Ramos

created by


Matina Tenžera

Tel: 0917361510