Cultural Center Travno


KuC Travno is the organizer and implementer of numerous cultural and educational programs, events and activities both locally and internationally: concerts, exhibitions, film programs, theater performances, drama, music, art, dance, educational and workshops, seminars, lectures and foreign language courses. We are proud of our friendly and good neighborly relationship with the local community, close cooperation with many artistic organizations of various profiles and the fact that we host numerous events significant for the cultural, artistic and educational scene of the city of Zagreb.

Special attention is paid to puppetry, which is a kind of trademark for us. The center is the organizer of the prestigious International Puppet Theater Festival – PIF, which has been held since 1968. We are the organizer of numerous seminars, workshops, performances and exhibitions on the topic of puppetry. Since 2004, we have been gathering primary school students on the program of the Festival of Puppet Groups at Primary Schools – SMOLA. The publishing activity specialized and profiled in the field of puppetry is particularly significant and notable, and Esperanto editions are also specific.

A large part of the programs organized by the Center is profiled in the neighborhood and intended for the local community – the citizens of Travno and Novi Zagreb, as well as kindergartens and institutions that operate nearby. The large hall of the Cultural Center Travno is a multimedia space, equipped with modern stage equipment. The theater has 276 seats while the stage where concerts, theater performances, film, dance and various other programs are held extends to 283 m2. Music, art, dance, comics, folklore and sports workshops, guitar and foreign language courses are held in the halls and classrooms.

Cultural Center Travno

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