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Urban tours in Trešnjevka: Part of the project "Neighborhood Museum Trešnjevka – construction from below"

Urban tours will be held on Saturday 19.9. at 11 a.m. and on Friday 25.9. at 3 pm in Trešnjevka.

On Saturday, Kosjenka Laszlo Klemar from the Nikola Tesla Technical Museum leads along Savska Street to the beginnings of the industrialization of Trešnjevka and Zagreb. Next Friday, with Tihana Bertek of the K-Zone Association, she sets out in search of fragments of the neighborhood’s women’s history.

Due to the epidemiological situation, the number of participants is limited. Therefore, please announce your arrival at no later than 4 pm on September 18. for the first round, ie 24.9. for the second round.

Savska cesta tour and the beginnings of industrialization of Trešnjevka

The Savska cesta tour and the beginnings of Trešnjevka's industrialization start from the former tram storage, today's Technical Museum, and take us to locations where a whole range of goods was produced, from matches to furniture to lace and rusks. The author of the tour Kosjenka Laszlo Klemar points out: “researching and writing the history of factories in the Sava is important not only in the context of the development of Zagreb as an industrial center and the history of industrial development of these areas or industrial development, industrial plants and plants. Their history (initiation, development and closure / restructuring) provides a direct insight into the socio-political events of the second half of the 19th and the first half of the 20th century, and information on working conditions and workers 'strikes is an important source for writing the history of workers and workers' organizations. ”

Fragments of women's history of Trešnjevka

"The history of Trešnjevka also includes the history of unknown workers, women who performed unpaid reproductive work, the history of educators and teachers, migrants and peasants," warns Tihana Bertek. Starting from the Marica Pataky kindergarten in Vukovarska, it takes us along a winding path through neighborhood checkpoints where fragments of the women's history of Trešnjevka are revealed with a careful look. The author points out: “the form of the urban walk reflects the intangibility and unnoticed female presence in the fabric of the city, resisting the still largely dominant linear approach to history. The intention is to open space for new readings of the neighborhood, but also to encourage a different, fairer and more complete historiography in the future. ”

Trešnjevka Neighborhood Museum

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