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Tram 11 and Livestock in the courtyard of the Academy of Fine Arts

Two cult names of the domestic hip hop scene, Tram 11 and Stoka, will arrive on Thursday, September 24 in the courtyard of the Zagreb Academy of Fine Arts in Ilica for a special co-headline performance.

After the announced Josip Lisac, the performers who are the basis of local hip hop are arriving with their date. Since their great return to the scene in 2017, Tram 11 has kept the rhythm of both concerts and releases, so after a live album from the mythical concert at the House of Sports at the end of July, they released the single "Jebo sliku svoju". It is the announcement of a new studio album, the first after a little less than two decades.

Stoka, one of the biggest MCs in this area, is also extremely active in terms of discography. He also presented a new song at the end of July, a collaboration with Baby Dooks "Charm of the Cavalier". It is a touching dedication to Zagreb, an almost constant theme of Stoka's rhymes, but this time it is especially striking as a support to the city affected by the recent earthquakes. The joint performance of Trama and Stoke will be an opportunity to perform the great single "The Last Rapper in the City", which they released a year ago.


The concert in the courtyard of the Academy of Fine Arts in Ilica 85 will be limited to only 400 visitors, in compliance with all current epidemiological measures and recommendations. Tickets at the price of 80 kuna are on sale at all Eventim points of sale and online .

All seats are a combination of free sitting and standing and are not numbered.

People in wheelchairs enter free of charge, the escort pays the full ticket price.

Children up to the age of 7 enter free of charge, accompanied by their parents.

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