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Skunk Anansie in Zagreb / Dom Sportova

After a fantastic performance at Šalata last July, the group Skunk Anansie included Zagreb on the second part of the big celebratory tour “25 Live @ 25” as one of the few cities where they will perform twice! The reunion of the band and the local audience will take place on November 19 at the House of Sports.

Last July, in the middle of the summer season in a rather empty city, Skunk Anansie roared through the Salad Stadium performing in front of more than 5,000 fans at a concert that obviously impressed them deeply. Namely, after London, Zagreb was their most massive solo performance, loud, explosive and extremely emotional, so negotiations on their return began urgently, on the other leg of the tour marking the band’s 25th anniversary. The new series of concerts will include, in addition to the standard best of list, some songs that have not been played for a long time, and will include as many as 22 concerts. Zagreb is the only city in our region that will host them again and the only one within a radius of 650 km, more precisely to Milan.

Tickets go on sale on Friday, February 21 at an early bird price of 200 kn. This price is valid until March 10, while from March 11 to November 18 you will need to pay 230 kn for the entrance, and 260 kn on the day of the concert. Official points of sale are Dirty Old Shop (Tratinska 18), Rockmark (Berislavićeva 13), Aquarius CD Shop (Varšavska 13), Dallas Music Shop Rijeka (Splitska 2a), all Eventim points of sale.

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