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02.07.2020 / 10:30 - 30.09.2020 / 15:00


Refreshing fun

Retinal rafting trip is suitable for families with children or excursions. Mrežnica is a clear and warm river, ideal for overcoming waterfalls. Mrežnica river, one of the most beautiful in Croatia. Ideal for canoeing, great for rafting and kayaking – and it's best to try all three boats and decide which one suits you best. On Mrežnica you can enjoy trips from one to five days. It is most often sailed between the General Table and Zvečaj, on the edge of wilderness and civilization: it starts from the bridge in Keići near the General Table, and ends at the Zeleni Kut restaurant. Swimming and overcoming waterfalls are an integral part of the trip.

An ideal adventure for beginners

Upon arrival at the restaurant "Zeleni kut" in Zvečaj, guests receive personal equipment. After a half-hour refreshment break and toilet by bus or van (for smaller groups) continue to the river. At the bridge in Keići, changing and preparation. Retinal rafting trip lasts 2-3 hours, with several shorter breaks for rest and swimming on the waterfalls. The retina is a clear and warm river in summer, 1-2 degrees of wild water, suitable for families with children or excursions. Mrežnica rafting trip ends in Zvečaj, on the meadow of the famous beach of the restaurant "Zeleni kut". We use sit-on-top kayaks for two people. We will provide you with all the necessary equipment: helmet, vest, paddle, and a neoprene suit and anorak (rain jacket) in case of cold weather. Waterproof containers will be available for you to store your personal belongings (camera, food and drink, etc.). Don't forget to bring a bathing suit, shorts, a T-shirt and sandals for water (or sneakers) and a towel and spare shoes and clothes, sunscreen, water and a picnic if desired.

Short schedule: 10:30 – arrival at the destination – Zvečaj at the Green Corner of the restaurant 10:45 – where you will get the equipment 11:00 – drive to the General Table 12:00 – preparation for the trip and safety instructions of the tour leader 14:30 – end of the trip in Zvečaj, Zeleni kut restaurant, optional lunch

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