The river Mrežnica is suitable for boating. Due to the multitude of waterfalls, rafting is often organized on Mrežnica.

The source (cave karst spring) is Mrežnice at 260, and the inlet in the Koran at 112 meters above sea level. The height difference of 148 meters Mrežnica overcomes (skips) over a hundred waterfalls (the exact number of retinal waterfalls can not be determined due to the unavailability of the source part of the river which is under the supervision of the army, but also due to different notions of the name waterfall in some parts of the flow). So far, 93 waterfalls have been counted (to which should be added dozens of waterfalls and desks), of which 6 are higher than six meters. Two, in the upper course, are especially amazing: the waterfall near Milković, 8.5 meters high, and the branched Šušnjar in two cascades (kata) whose height reaches as much as 15 meters.

The abundance of water and waterfalls is the reason, once numerous, for the construction of mills (watermills) along almost the entire retinal flow. Today, the mill, more precisely their remains in the form of foundations, and rarely roofs, has barely thirty. Of that number, a quarter of them are in usable condition: 2 as restaurants, 2 as small hydroelectric power plants, one as a sawmill, and the rest was used for weekenders.

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