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In short – the Placebo concert will take place.

Known for the androgenic image of frontman Brian Molk, glam rock and raw punk guitars, Placebo has become one of today's most famous rock bands in two decades with over 12 million copies sold worldwide. Since the self-titled debut album that changed British music, acted as a counterweight to Britpop and inspired many bands, Placebo went down in history with five albums that topped the UK Top Ten, collaborating with artists such as David Bowie, Robert Smith and Michael Stipe both have a place at the top of the British scene.

The concert will still take place

Four years after a great performance in the Dražen Petrović Hall when they confirmed why they enjoy legendary status, Placebo is returning to Zagreb. Nearly 12 million copies sold and more than two decades of career place Placebo at the very top of the rock scene. A big tour returning to the world stage brings them to Šalata, and it will be an opportunity to hear the best from their oeuvre, as well as the premiere of new studio works in the new term, June 26, 2021.

Although we missed a big meeting at the Placebo concert this year, we are hoping for a better scenario next year so that we can remind ourselves what it is that makes us love this British punk-rock trio.

Tickets are on sale , and find them at the Eventim of 220 kuna!

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