ŠRC Šalata


In the very center of Zagreb, almost near Ban Jelačić Square, there is SRC ŠALATA. With its location, accessibility and sports and recreational facilities, it is one of the most beautiful sports facilities in this part of Europe.

The history of the Šalata Sports and Recreation Center dates back to 1928, when the then city authorities decided to lease the land, which was then overgrown with thorns, to the Academic Tennis Club. In 1929, a central tennis court was built (today’s skating rink), and in 1930 it was completed with a club room and an auditorium. Since then, the construction of other tennis courts and a small pool has started. The swimming pool of the Olympic dimensions of Šalata was built in 1946 according to the project of engineer Bahovac, and in 1949 the construction of the first concrete tower for diving in Croatia began. The artificial ice rink was built in 1961 on the site of a former central tennis court.

Reconstruction of the entire Šalata began two years before the Universiade, in 1985. Then the old beauty got a new outfit.

The total capacity of Šalata is 6000 seats, ie 3500 thousand seats in the stands and 2500 on the ground floor (stadium), depending on the program.


WED – FRI: 06:00 – 19:30

SAT – SUN: 10:30 – 12:00; 18:00 – 19:30; 20:30 – 22:00

ŠRC Šalata

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