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International Conference LEAP Summit

“The future will be as we create it, and we are currently creating the NextGeneration European Union. This must become the digital decade of Europe, which will also become the first climate-neutral continent by 2050, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said on 16 September, giving a speech on the state of the European Union. In the coming period, from the new NextGeneration EU recovery instrument with a budget of 750 billion euros, as much as 37 percent of funds will be spent directly on the goals of the European Green Plan through which we must change attitudes towards nature, production and consumption, life and work, food and heating, travel and transport, and invest 20 percent in the digital sector, with a special focus on personal data, technology, especially artificial intelligence and infrastructure.

Many citizens have already caught up with the plans of the European Commission, and some of them will talk about their experiences on October 1 and 2 this year at CineStar in Branimir Mingle Mall at the International Conference “LEAP Summit” , which this year marks the 5th anniversary. The conference focuses on multidisciplinary topics related to entrepreneurship, innovation, modern trends, inspiration, green and digital transition, and the European Union.

More than 40 speakers

Among more than 40 speakers this year is the Dutchman Jan de Jong, who replaced his native Netherlands with Croatia when he was only 22 years old. That is when his entrepreneurial story begins in Split, and later in Zagreb, where he founded a successful company with more than 400 employees, but decided to sell his share in the company, after which he achieved what every entrepreneur dreams of – freedom! He advocates that Croatia open up to high-paying digital nomads because he believes it would boost the country’s economic development. Tomislav Pancirov is a lifestyle entrepreneur with only one idea – to be happy. He quit his job almost four years ago to become a digital nomad, and lifestyle entrepreneurship and a holistic approach to work are his mission. He collaborates with the clients he wants to work with, the job allows him a lifestyle (not the other way around) and most importantly – he has a purpose. At the LEAP summit, they will talk about freedom, purpose, entrepreneurship and digital nomads.

Green future

The Green Future panel discussion will address the topic of the green transition, which, along with the digital transition, will be the main driver of recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and the long-term growth of the European Union. Dutchman Tijmen Sissing will tell his story about creating a global movement for a greener future. What began as a spontaneous action to clean Plashpacker’s plastic Tijmen Sissing has grown into a global movement involving more than 11,000 people in an online community with the challenge of gathering more than 100,000 plastic bags a year to preserve the environment. Among the more interesting speakers is You Tube employee Christian Gonzales, who leads a team of researchers in Zurich in charge of developing tools for Youtube creators. Known for combining quantitative and qualitative research methods to launch a product strategy, he will talk at the LEAP Summit about creating metrics to evaluate success.

One of the most famous futurists in the world, Anne Skare Nielsen, will also speak at the LEAP Summit. Anne’s vision is to win the Nobel Peace Prize, and her greatest successes will include transforming journalism, politics, and education.

Thanks to the Representation of the European Commission in Croatia, participation in the conference is free for all participants. Unfortunately, due to the necessary epidemiological measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection, the number of seats in the hall is limited, so it is necessary to register HERE in advance. Anyone who registers, but still fails to secure a place at the conference, will be able to follow the entire program live on the Facebook page of the LEAP Summit .

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