Archived: How the elf saved Christmas


The play tells in a fun and interactive way about the power of children's imagination and belief in the holiday spirit. The story is based on the idea that in increasingly difficult times, fewer and fewer adults and children believe in Santa Claus, in the meaning of giving and holiday joy. This is a danger that is felt in the far North Pole, and threatens that Santa Claus will no longer be able to come to children's homes and bring gifts. That is why Santa Claus sends his elves to children's homes to see if they believe in the spirit of Christmas, playfulness and imagination. More importantly – do their parents believe too or have they forgotten what it means to be a child. The play follows the adventures of the elf Zvonko, who is discovered under the bed by a girl Dunja, in almost forty minutes. Author and playwright : Igor Weidlich Director: Igor Barberić Cast: Nikolina Ljuboja (girl Dunja) Igor Baksa (elf Zvonko) Jassna Luna Jozić (mom) Santa Claus

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